Woman Seriously Hurt in Crash. Months Later, Finds Flowers from Stranger in Same Spot


Ruth Clark was riding her bike one day when she was involved in a serious accident. Left bleeding with broken bones, she was in need of serious help.

Thankfully, countless strangers came to her rescue. Many stayed with her until ambulances arrived and offered her any comfort they could for almost an hour.

“While I was lying on the road, covered in blood and bruises, and suffering broken bones, they were all looking after me,” Ruth tweeted.

“One person even ran home to grab blankets and pillows to keep me warm, another gave up his yoga mat for me to lie on. One woman, Camila, came with me to the hospital and stayed with me again for almost an hour until my sister arrived,” she continued.

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Thanks to their kindness, Ruth made it to the hospital and was treated for multiple broken bones.

She recovered over the following six months and began to work up the courage to ride her bike to work by the new year.

On a day she’d planned to ride her bike to work, she decided at the last minute that she was too tired. So she headed to the bus stop near the scene of her accident months earlier.

That’s when she noticed a lonely bouquet of flowers near the bus stop. As she moved closer, she realized a note was also tucked into the top.

“Hello! Yes, these flowers are for you!” the note read. “I’m leaving flowers in places and spaces around London to remind people that they are value (sic) and extraordinary.

“These are yours to keep, or you can give them to someone else if you’d like to!” the note continued. “If you have the time, there’s a postcard in here addressed to me. I would love to hear about someone you think is extraordinary, someone who to you, is magic. Thanks and have a great day!”

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Ruth was completely touched by the anonymous gift. The random act of kindness brought back memories of the strangers who were kind enough to help her after her accident.

“This act of kindness was particularly important and touching as it brought back a lot of memories of the kindness strangers demonstrated in that moment on the same street just a few months ago,” Ruth said.

She said she “hasn’t stopped smiling since” and posted photos of the bouquet online, hoping to share the kind gesture with the world.

Ruth has since written back to the stranger to let them know about the wonderful people in her own life. She also said that she was inspired to get in touch with friends and loved ones she’d lost contact with.

And after witnessing a random act of kindness herself, Ruth has been motivated to pass on the kindness to others.

“I’ve been inspired to keep on being kind and I hope it inspires others to do the same,” she said, “or at the very least be a little reminder for people in need of some positivity that there are people ready to show compassion and kindness, even if you don’t know them yet.”

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