Woman Sets Fire to Nike Sports Bra After Brand Partners with Same Trans Activist as Bud Light


A conservative TikTok user slammed Nike’s absurd gimmick of using transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney to promote its female sportswear line, saying the move demeans women.

In a scathing video Tuesday, a woman using the moniker “Chatterbox Mama” said she’s boycotting Nike for the rest of her life and urged others to join her in protesting Nike’s degrading trivialization of womanhood.

“Nike, you should be ashamed of yourself,” she said. “You chose a little boy with no breasts and some junk in his pants to represent real women.”

She continued: “Nike, I am done with you. I will never, ever buy another Nike product as long as I live. And there are millions and millions and millions of women just like me.”

Chatterbox Mama urged her followers to vote with their wallets by boycotting Nike for showing open disdain for womanhood by hiring a man to represent women.

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“We are the queens,” she said. “Your consumers hit you where it hurts, and that’s right in your pocket. … I challenge every real woman that is sick of this nonsense.

“It’s a great night to burn my Nike bras.”

She then burned her bra on camera and urged others to join her in the “Burn Bra Challenge.”

The viral video has since been removed from TikTok — and the @chatterbox.mama account is gone.

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On a new account, @chatterbox.mama.64, what appears to be the same woman posted an explanation Thursday, saying she had been permanently banned from the platform.

“Well, it looks like the rumors are true,” she said. “Freedom of speech is really dead. Chatterbox.mama, sad to say, was permanently banned by TikTok today for speaking out against Nike and what’s happening to real women’s rights.

“I hope you guys find me. Chatterbox.mama.64 is my new backup account. See you soon.”

@chatterbox.mama64 Chatterbox.mama is now Chatterbox.mama64! My old account was banned for speaking out against Nike! Freedom of Speech is a MYTH! I’M VERY SAD!!! 140K followers was hard work! Thanks for the support! #chatterbox.mama #chatterbox.mama64 #followers #fyp ♬ original sound – Chatterbox.Mama64
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The backlash against Nike is escalating amid mounting disgust that “woke” corporations are trivializing women by replacing them with cartoonish transgender activists.

Like Nike, beer juggernaut Anheuser-Busch is facing a volcanic backlash for enlisting Mulvaney to represent its Bud Light brand.

Meanwhile, the trans activist is capitalizing on his newfound notoriety by landing lucrative endorsements with cosmetic brand Ulta Beauty, fashion house Kate Spade and a slew of other left-wing corporations.

It’s bad enough that liberals — who claim to champion women — want to allow men to compete in women’s sports and beauty pageants.

But through their perverse fetishization of transgender activists, they’re gleefully suggesting that men can actually replace women. All of this would be funny if it weren’t so twisted.

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