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Woman in Shock After Giving Birth to Baby on Toilet Despite 4 Negative Pregnancy Tests

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Whenever there’s another story of a woman who had no idea she was pregnant, it’s easy to roll our eyes and doubt. How could someone really not know they were pregnant? It seems impossible.

But the regularity with which these stories occur suggests the opposite — especially when the women in those stories did what they could to find out whether or not they were pregnant.

It came as a total shock to a 32-year-old mom of three (now four), Grace Meachim of Littlehampton in the U.K. She’d been on the pill, had her monthly cycle and took four pregnancy tests — one of which was performed at her doctor’s office.

All four tests came back negative, and the doctor diagnosed her with a cyst. Having done her due diligence, Grace continued to live her life.

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“The only reason I took the tests was because I had a slight lump in my tummy but it wasn’t a massive or noticeable bump,” she told Metro. “The year before I had had a cyst that eventually dispersed so when I went to the doctor again last year about the lump, she checked it out and said it felt the same as last time.”

“Because I was healthy otherwise, they didn’t want to do surgery to remove it but said I’d probably have a scan in the new year.”

Grace drank occasionally on holidays, took heavy painkillers for her shoulder and had no idea she was pregnant until she ended up on the toilet early in the morning on Dec. 5, 2019.

“It was so surreal,” she said. “I hadn’t had any build-up to it at all, no pain, nothing. When I’d gone to the loo, I didn’t feel like I was going into labor at all. After three previous pregnancies, I know what that feels like.”

“There was a big gush then there was pressure and a mass down there,” she went on. “I knew then what was happening and I went into shock. All I can remember thinking is ‘oh my god, is this really happening?'”

Her husband and 13-year-old son were alerted by her screams, thinking she was “being attacked” by someone. In a way, she was — but not the way they expected.

“My husband and our eldest came running down,” Grace explained. “James called the ambulance and I was shouting ‘there’s something coming.'”

“He told the operator ‘I think it’s a baby but she’s not pregnant.’ As soon as he said that he had to throw the phone to Tyler because I screamed ‘quick, catch it.'”

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And so James did. Their unplanned fourth child, Sienna, a 7-pound, 5.5-ounce, perfectly healthy baby girl made her debut over the toilet as her dad caught her.

“It was very strange, it was like something out of a movie,” Grace said.

The couple had planned on being a family of five, and a fourth child had not been in the plan. No one told Sienna that.

“I just kept saying ‘I’m sorry’ to my husband because we’d been dead set against any more children,” Grace said. “James was waiting to be booked in for a vasectomy and I’d planned to up my hours at work so we could start saving for a mortgage.”

While the vasectomy is now one of the most pressing items on the couple’s to-do list, they’re not sorry that little Sienna is in their lives.

“She was such a nice surprise, she is that little bit extra special to us,” Grace said. “And we definitely know she’s here now, she is really coming out of her shell.”

“We wouldn’t change it but it’s definitely no more kids now. I’ve told James he needs to chase up his snip as soon as lockdown is over.”

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