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Workers Discover Stuffed Toy Left at Airport, Document Its Travels Around the Building


Many of us, as children, have experienced the crushing realization that we have lost a prized possession. It happens to adults, too, and whether the item is monetarily valuable or deeply sentimental, the moment of panic that hits is heartbreaking.

One little girl who was traveling recently lost her close companion — a small stuffed dragon at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City.

When the family realized the dragon — which lovingly has been named “Scale” — was missing, the girl’s mom called the airport to see if anything could be done, according to Fox News.

Thankfully, the employees contacted by the mom were more than willing to help with the rescue mission, and the result is a heartwarming story that has brightened more than just the family’s day.

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“About a week ago, a family traveled to OKC for a visit,” the airport posted Monday on Facebook. “Upon arrival at WRWA, their little one accidentally left behind her best friend Scale the Dragon.

“The family realized Scale was missing once they had left Will Rogers Airport. Mom called and was able to get ahold of an airport employee who was successful in tracking down Scale.”

The airport merely could have held on to the stuffed animal, but employees there decided to have some lighthearted fun with the dragon’s misadventure and posted delightful photos and captions detailing Scale the Dragon’s travels.

“To our surprise, Scale was touring the airport and met some friendly airport staff in his adventures,” the Facebook post continued. “The family and little girl was so thrilled to have Scale back and was thankful for all the staff who made his adventure around the airport fun! Look at how much fun Scale had at WRWA (while) waiting for his best friend to return.”

The first photo shows Scale sitting on an empty bench, no one around, waiting to get picked up.

“I wonder if I should wait here until she comes back to get me, because I know she will!” the caption reads.

“These nice police department employees took me out for some fresh air and sunshine and to see all the beautiful flowers,” another caption read.

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Another picture shows the dragon hanging out at the Airport Express counter.

“I checked with the shuttle buses to see if I could get a ride home but I didn’t have any pockets to keep money in,” the caption stated.

From there, Scale contemplated several activities, including resting in a chair, getting a snack from a vending machine (one commenter adroitly noted that hopefully the dragon chose “hot Cheetos”), and celebrating Southwest Airline’s birthday.

“Eric and Dan who rescued me, brought me to the administration offices and gave me a couple of WRWA souvenirs and told me my best friend was on her way to pick me up,” the final photo caption stated.

No doubt the girl was relieved to get her precious plushy back, and with a story to follow. And Scale — and the employees responsible for the toy’s rescue — certainly gained many fans through this ordeal turned positive.

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