Worship Leader Explains Why He Decided To Run for Congress: 'It's the Call of God'


Worship leader Sean Feucht says his decision to run for a congressional seat isn’t fueled by power or money, but by his faith and his love for the country.

The 36-year-old Bethel Music artist announced his campaign to run as a Republican for the 3rd Congressional District in California on Sept. 27 with the slogan “Join the fight to save our country.”

He is running against incumbent Democrat John Garamendi.

Even though he told The Christian Post his “primary calling” is worship, Feucht views this opportunity to participate in politics as a way to translate his heart for worship into a different aspect of life — much like King David of the Bible.

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“Worship is my primary calling, and it’s the primary calling of every believer, and whether it was in a season of where I had a real estate investment company and business out of college,” Feucht explained. “When I started three nonprofit organizations and we went after the marginalized and the hopeless, I was still a worship leader.

Do you agree with Feucht's reasons to run for Congress?

“I understand that some people do worship leading full-time as a vocation, but I think part of our calling as believers is to take that heart of worship and bring it into whatever sphere and whatever culture and mountaintop of influence that God has called us to.”

Feucht has participated in mission work in over 50 countries, according to Fox News. He believes those trips have helped foster his heart for the underprivileged and his passion for justice.

As he looked at his four children, however, he began to worry about the future of the country and felt a burden to step up.

“I’m doing this because I’ve been praying for so many years that God would bring revival and that he would bring an awakening to America, that government officials would be elected that would be righteous,” he told The Christian Post.

“But I think what happens is that you reach a point to where your prayers don’t carry a lot of weight unless there is action behind them,” Feucht said. “And that’s the place where I am right now.”

He is also an author of five books and the founder of two businesses and three nonprofits, including a grassroots worship, prayer and missions organization called Burn 24-7.

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The worship leader is proud that his background and appearance set him apart from most career politicians, even though he has been advised to conform.

“I am running because it’s time for average Americans who have no desire to be politicians to stand up and change our country’s path before it’s too late,” Feucht told Fox News.

“I am running for the unborn, the unheard, the forgotten and millions of unengaged hardworking Americans who have lost hope in politics.”

Most importantly, Feucht hopes to follow Jesus’ command from Matthew 5:13-16 to be “salt and light” wherever he is led.

“I know it’s a crazy thing, I know it’s a shock to many people. It’s a shock to me,” he said of his candidacy. “I didn’t ever dream of this. I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t ever want to do this. I just feel it’s the call of God.

“More than anything else, my heart is to inspire people in my generation to engage in the political world. I know that it’s dirty and has a bad reputation, but I also know that we are called to be the salt and light and so I want to do my best to do just like what we do when we are in Iraq or India, bringing the light, love, hope, and salt of Jesus in the mix.”

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