13 Years Before His Death, Robin Williams Was Asked If He Believed Heaven Existed


Legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams will forever be remembered for his incredible talent and his ability to make you laugh no matter what.

Williams took on so many unforgettable roles throughout his acting career, and his spontaneity left us all in awe every time he performed.

So when the news of his tragic passing began to circulate, many honored William’s with clips from their favorite movies in what they believed to be his most touching moments.

But in the devastation surrounding his death, many were comforted by what he had said about life after death many years before.

In a 2001 interview on “Inside the Actors Studio,” James Lipton asked Williams what he hoped to find in Heaven.

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“If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?” Lipton asked.

“There’s seating near the front,” Williams responded. “The concert begins at 5. It’ll be Mozart, Elvis, and one of your choosing. Or if Heaven exists to know that there is laughter.”

While on a press tour for his 1998 movie “What Dreams May Come,” the comedian had also previously commented about his belief in Heaven.

“I believe in Heaven and Hell. I’ve had coming attractions of them in my dreams.

“There are also places right here on Earth that, if they’re not Heaven, they’re a pretty good start. Places like Thailand, Hawaii and Montana are gloriously beautiful.”

To Williams, life on Earth showed him glimpses of Heaven each and every day of his life.

“I believe that you have samples here on earth of Heaven,” he said.

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“I live in San Francisco, which to me is close to Heaven. It’s not, but it’s real close.”

In his ideas on life after death, one common theme remains: to Williams, Heaven was home.

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