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16-Year-Old Saves Mother's Life After She Collapses Before His Wrestling Match


A 16-year-old high school wrestler has been credited with saving his mother’s life after she went into cardiac arrest at a hotel room in upstate New York.

Vincenzo “Enzo” Bunce is a wrestler with East Haven High School in East Haven, Connecticut.

He had traveled to a wrestling match with his parents, Maria and Ralph Bunce, and checked into a hotel before the tournament started.

Vincenzo recalled his mother complaining of a racing heart, and in a split-second, she fell to the floor.

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Vincenzo had learned CPR in a health class in high school, and said that even though he was scared, he remembered his training and was able to take action.

“I was terrified but I was calm at the same time, the training just kicked in and the adrenaline,” he told WVIT.

He quickly moved his mother into the fetal position and raced downstairs to get his father. While his dad was on the phone with 911, Vincenzo turned his mother over onto her back and began CPR.

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After about 90 seconds, first responders arrived and took over for Vincenzo and were able to revive Maria Bunce.

At his mother’s request, the teenager went to the tournament and wrestled his best, winning the final of five wrestling matches at the end of the tournament.

Vincenzo’s wrestling coach and the school’s athletic trainer spoke highly of the teen, praising his ability to keep calm under intense pressure.

“Here he is in the biggest moment of his life,” wrestling coach Mark Tolla told WTIC-TV. “His mom drops right in front of him, and he steps up and saves his mom’s life.”

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“He amazes us everyday.”

Vincenzo hopes that more high school students will learn CPR and wishes it were a regular part of health class curriculum.

“I think everyone should get the training and I also think more high schools should be teaching it as a health credit,” Vincenzo told WTIC-TV.

“People should take it more seriously because I potentially saved my mother’s life.”

Maria Bunce is reportedly recovering at Yale-New Haven Hospital and is doing “much better,” according to her son.

Vincenzo says he is not a hero, but was glad to learn that he handled an emergency with such poise.

“I just want to be known as a person who knew what was right to do in the situation,” he said.

Vincenzo also received CPR training through a youth program with the East Haven Fire Department and hopes to one day become a firefighter and paramedic.

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