2 Little Girls' Advice for Anyone Having Rough Time Couldn't be More True


Need a video to make you smile today? Look no further!

Cute as a button and a little sassy, sisters Dani and Dannah are the newest YouTube sensation.

But these girls are more than cute and you may find yourself tuning in to their channel when you’re having a bad day.

These two sisters are divas for sure, and they are sure that they can help you through your toughest times. Though they are young, their advice hits home for both young and old.

When asked how to solve the problems of the day, Dani and Dannah have a sure-fire answer: call Jesus!

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“Things not working out in your job? Call Jesus! Things not working out in your school? Call Jesus!”

These young girls have advice that is relevant for many. They remind us that God is with us and that we are never alone.

Dani and Dannah have always been performers and really want to be good role models. They are well on their way with thousands of hits on their inspirational videos.

The sisters deliver their message with humor and infectious attitude. Their tone makes them relatable to everyone.

In a world of many stresses, these sweet girls are encouraging us to be positive. They are a reminder that perhaps things could be worse.

The videos are cheeky and silly and make us laugh. But they are also a great source of encouragement for those who watch.

This seems to be what the girls were born to do. They are anything but shy and have a real confidence in what they say.

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Dani and Dannah have also been seen on television. They have shared their story of encouragement on the Today Show as well as Hey Steve!.

Out of the mouth of babes, right? These two are bringing inspiration and hope with the gospel message and are using their platform to bring joy.

Though these sensational sisters are young, they’ve been blessed with the ability to speak truth, and are using their gifts better than some adults.

Next time you are feeling down, check in with YouTube and view their latest video. You may find yourself smiling in spite of what is going on in your life!

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