After 22 Deaths, Ford Motor Company Expands 'Do Not Drive' Warning


Many times when we purchase a new car we do the research. We seek out which cars are the most reliable, have better safety functions, and can give us the most bang for our buck.

Usually when a vehicle has a recall, it’s for something minor. It’s no problem to wait until a convenient time to drive it in the the dealer for the new part.

But the newest recall from Ford comes with a dire warning. Driving down to the dealer for repairs will most likely save your life.

If you are the owner of a 2006 Ford Ranger truck, you should think twice about driving it. There was a new warning from Ford Motor that may have you selling your truck altogether.

The company warned that 33,000 owners of the pickup truck should stop driving them immediately. At least 22 deaths are linked to faulty parts in the vehicle.

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The part in question is a defective Takata Corp airbag inflator. The device that is used to pump air into the air bags during a crash was faulty.

Steve Mollohan, 56, was killed as the airbag inflator in the driver’s side of his truck ruptured. After an investigation, it was discovered that the airbag was built without a drying agent. This could lead the inflator to explode like a live grenade.

Another fatality was Joel Knight, 52, from South Carolina. As he hit a cow with his truck, the airbag exploded, hitting him in the neck with shrapnel from the inflator device. A component in the vehicle geared to saving lives was ending them.

In a statement from Ford, they addressed the issue and said they were, “saddened by these tragic losses and offers its sincere condolences to the drivers’ families.” Now they are working to resolve the problem.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administraton is also issuing a warning. They are encouraging drivers to stop driving the truck immediately. They also ask drivers to take their trucks in for repairs that are free.

This recall is the largest in recorded history. Mazda has also issued a warning for vehicles that were manufactured by Ford, using the same airbag inflator.

Takata, the maker of the airbags, had recalled close to 125 million vehicles. They filed for bankruptcy protection.

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Along with the tragic deaths, over 200 people have been injured due to the faulty device.

Those who lost their lives would most likely not have perished due to the accidents, and only died because of the airbags.

This is a warning that should be taken seriously. Those who own these trucks take heed.

It only takes a moment to drive on over to your local Ford dealership and that trip might possibly save your life.

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