7-Year-Old Finds Dad on Ground. Grabs His Cell Phone & Does Chest Compressions


Chloe Bradburn is more than your average 7-year old. She’s a real hero who, in the face of a terrifying situation, helped to save her father’s life.

Chloe was at home in Leicestershire, England, with her younger sister Gracie May. She heard a sound downstairs and rushed to see what it was.

She was shocked to see her father, Ashley, lying on the floor. “I heard a thud and then I went downstairs and I saw Daddy crying on the floor,” said Chloe.

This little hero didn’t panic, though she was terribly afraid. She did the right thing and dialed 999, the emergency number in the UK.

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“I felt scared, ” said Chloe.  “They told me to pump this heart seven times and make sure he was breathing.”

As she remained on the line with the emergency dispatcher, she remained calm, listening to directions and continuing chest compressions until the ambulance arrived.

Chloe was also able to keep her 3-year old sister calm during the incident and, once the medical team arrived, they transferred her father to the hospital.  It was determined that a pancreatic cyst had ruptured.

Ashley knew without a doubt that little Chloe saved his life.

“It is difficult to put into words how proud her Mum, Katrina, I and the rest of the family are of Chloe. She is our hero,” he said.

Chloe’s bravery did not go unrecognized. She received The Laverick Award, a special award that highlights children and young adults who have shown bravery in emergency situations.

EMAS paramedics presented Chloe with the award at her school. Now she has a physical reminder of her bravery in a difficult situation.

“She should be very proud of her actions and for remaining calm until we were able to get there,” said Cary Ward, the emergency medical dispatcher who directed Chloe during the call.

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Everyone was amazed at her actions and her ability to follow directions to help her father.

Ashley said that his sudden illness was a real shock but that he is better now, thanks in part to his daughter’s actions.

Chloe is the eldest of three daughters and is a great example to them on what to do in an emergency situation.

Both parents have tried to teach the girls what to do in an emergency, including dialing 999. It’s clear that this award couldn’t go to a more deserving recipient.

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