Age 7 Boy Spends Thanksgiving Morning Handing Out McDonald's to Homeless on Street


The holidays tend to bring out both the best and the worst in people. They can highlight greed and selfishness, but they also put charity and generosity on display.

Many people are more willing to donate to good causes during the fall and winter months. The thought of people out on the streets without friends, family, shelter, or meals is heartbreaking, especially when we’re cozy and full of Thanksgiving leftovers.

Seva: Selfless Service was out in large numbers on Thanksgiving day, handing out food and clothing to the homeless in Sacramento, California.

According to CBS13, Jaskarn Johal, who works with Seva, said that “There has been an increase in donations.” Some have posited that the Camp Fire has turned many people’s hearts and wallets toward the homeless community.

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The line of people waiting to get food and apparel went down the street on Thursday. And Seva wasn’t the only group out with gifts and generous hearts.

Families got in on the giving, too. Among them, a young man named Kendrick Brown, who was adamant about doing something to help.

According to CBS13, the 7-year-old boy wanted to hand out McDonald’s hamburgers, so his sister, his mom and his dad all pitched in, bought bags of burgers, and headed for Sacramento’s homeless population.

Demetrius Williams, Brown’s father, told CBS that they’re attempting to instill good habits and kindness in their kids, and help them see that they can — and should — go out and give of themselves and their time.

Do you donate your time and services to people in need?

When asked why he was there, Brown answered, “To help people.”

“Because helping people is doing the right thing.”

The Figueroa family handed out gloves, beanies and other items from their car. As they drove by, they would roll down the windows and hand out their goods to any homeless people nearby.

“I started bringing her when she was three and we’ve been doing it ever since,” Jamie Figueroa said of her daughter.

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While the desire to help out is admirable and incredibly necessary, there are some who suggest that people not help out on days like Thanksgiving. The reason is pretty straightforward.

When Thanksgiving rolls around, people want to help. A lot of people want to help hand out food or donations and do their part.

But what ends up happening is that charities and groups who care for the homeless get lots of offers for assistance on one or two days — and that’s it. The President of the National Philanthropic Trust, Eileen Heisman, suggests that if this describes you, that you take that care and concern and spread it out through the entire year.

“If you really want to volunteer, pick any day, but don’t pick Thanksgiving or the day after Thanksgiving,” she told USA Today.

Only helping on one day means you must be trained and supervised for a very short-term position. If you get trained, it should be because you’re planning on sticking around for the long haul.

But don’t let that discourage you from giving or helping out in whatever ways you can! Just make sure that your charity is being used in the best way it can, so that you can help people effectively and efficiently.

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