Age 8 Boy Hears Noise Upstairs. Finds Grandpa's Body Lying on Bathroom Floor & Calls 911


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. As parents, we try to teach our children what to do in case of an emergency and hope that they will make the right choices.

For one grandfather, his hero came in the form of his grandson. In the face of a real emergency, this young boy didn’t panic. He just did what he was taught.

Eight-year-old Isaac Chance was getting ready for school when he heard something strange upstairs.

Instead of ignoring the noise, he decided to investigate.

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As Isaac reached the upstairs bathroom, he was shocked to see his grandfather laying on the floor.

“The white thing in the bathroom fell on his head….he was just not moving,” said Isaac.

Isaac remained calm and immediately called 911. As the paramedics arrived, Isaac let them in and led them to his grandfather.

Sometimes bravery comes in small packages, and Isaac is certainly a real hero. “He saved his life,” said his mother Erica.

It is believed that Isaac’s 64-year-old grandfather suffered a stroke. He was taken to the hospital to recover.

The events of that day could have turned out far worse if Isaac had not acted as he did.

By keeping calm and following the things that he had been taught, he was able to keep his grandfather alive.

“I normally teach all of my kids in case of emergency to dial 9-1-1 as soon as possible,” said Erica. Her son’s actions are a great testament to her.

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Isaac said that he still worries about his grandfather. The two are very close and love to spend time together.

“I love you and I hope you get better,” said Isaac. Because of his heroic actions, they will now have more time together.

His mother was extremely proud. She said that she was so happy that he had been in the house when the event happened.

If the stroke had happened even minutes later, Isaac may have been on his way to school.

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