Air Force Member Couldn't Leave for Deployment without Saying Goodbye to 1 Person


Serving in the military is a challenging and rewarding experience. Recruits are taught loyalty, discipline, and respect.

On the other hand, the process can be time-consuming and unpredictable. Joining the armed forces often means separation from family and friends.

Deployment can happen at any moment, and it may just happen at the most inconvenient times — like the holidays.

Twenty-three-year-old Air Force member Corey Schreffler was scheduled to leave for South Korea right before Christmas, but he wasn’t about to leave until he said goodbye to one important person.

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Just 1,900 miles away in Pennsylvania lived his grandma, Donna. She was saddened by the news of her grandson’s deployment and figured she wouldn’t be able to see him before he left.

Donna, unfortunately, doesn’t like flying, so that made things even more devastating for the granny.

Yet, there was a special gift waiting for her at her job on Dec. 18 that turned things around in her favor.

A Facebook video posted by Donna’s workplace, Trion Industries, captured the moment she was set up with one of the best reveals this year.

With the help of her daughter, Donna’s boss John Thalenfeld managed to fly Corey to Pennsylvania and hide him behind his office door.

“When I walked in, my daughter was there and I thought something happened,” Donna said. “When I turned, there he was.”

Donna screamed with joy as she wrapped her arms around her grandson. The big surprise left her emotional for the rest of the day.

“It took me half the day just to regain my composure,” she said. “I was overwhelmed.”

“I still cry when I see the video,” Thalenfeld also agreed about the touching reunion. “I’ve probably watched it 100 times.”

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Facebookers shared in the moment too, one saying, “It’s such an amazing feeling when you get to see them again!

“Thank you for your service, enjoy your time with your family and keep yourself safe when you go back!”

Corey isn’t expected to return from South Korea until January 2019. Therefore, this early Christmas present came right on time — and by the looks of it, it may just be a moment that Donna will cherish for the rest of the season.

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