Alleged Burglar Armed with Pitchfork Was No Match for What Homeowner Had in Hands - It Wasn't a Gun


Imagine defeating a home invader with the honor and skill of a Japanese samurai warrior.

One Seattle senior citizen did exactly that, according to the Seattle Police Department’s account of his interaction with an alleged burglar.

The unnamed 71-year old resident of the home describes finding a trespasser in his Beacon Hill neighborhood on Sunday, according to KIRO-TV.

The homeowner revealed that his alleged assailant had attacked him with his own unconventional weapon.

“My house has been burglarized. He was inside my house,” the man stated in police body camera footage, according to KCPQ-TV.

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That’s when the man revealed his assailant’s peculiar weapon: “He was inside my house and he attacked me with a pitchfork.”

After an altercation in the home’s living room, the homeowner rushed to his bedroom — first in pursuit of a firearm.

When his home defense firearm jammed, the resident resorted to a weapon associated with Japanese feudal warriors.

His alleged assailant exited the home after the resident inflicted a stab wound with a samurai sword.

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The authorities tracked him down at a nearby residence and brought him into custody.

The suspect in the home invasion is facing a first-degree burglary charges and is slated for booking at the King County Jail after he’s discharged from an area hospital, according to KCPQ.

The homeowner — who incurred a gouged eye in the struggle — told the police how he fought back against the uninvited guest, inflicting a stab wound on the man.

“I grabbed the samurai sword and defend myself with the samurai sword.”

The finely-curved and exquisitely crafted sword associated with samurai are known as katana.

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Swords that resembled the katanas of old were used in “Banzai” charges by the imperialist Japanese military during World War II, according to National Interest.

The finely crafted weapons are considered some of the most lethal cutting melee weapons in history.

The swords are collected by enthusiasts of Japanese culture to this day.

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