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Amazon Driver Goes Above and Beyond to Hide Packages After Getting Special Note


Amazon has made shopping dangerously easy. No lines, no getting dressed to go to the store — just click a button and a package will arrive at your house with the item you wanted.

With such ease of access, the power of online ordering has sometimes been abused to the point where there is an entire line of items dedicated to poking fun at that fact.

You’ve probably seen one of them before: The doormat that says “Please hide packages from husband.”

It’s amusing. It’s light-hearted. But it’s only funny because it plays on a trope, and one recent delivery driver honored that request with hilarious results.

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Cherish Longaberger and her husband live in Oklahoma and are the proud owners of one such mat, but it was only when the husband’s Amazon order had gone missing that they realized something was up.

“The package was actually something my husband ordered and it was delivered the day before we saw the tape,” Longaberger told Fox News.

“He was asking me if I had gotten it off the porch and I didn’t see any packages, so we checked the Nest camera to see what happened and that’s when we saw her hide it for us and we just died laughing.”

The video showed Amazon delivery driver Leeza Hall setting the package down on the porch, pausing to take the photo confirming delivery and then reading the mat.

She picks up the package, scouts the area for a better spot and then tucks it behind one of the bushes at the front of the house. She also makes sure to take a photo of its new resting place.

Longaberger shared the video on TikTok, captioning the clip “My Amazon driver understood the assignment,” using the currently popular audio from Tay Money’s “The Assignment.”

She also shared the video on Facebook.

@pinkieberg My Amazon driver understood the assignment ?? best driver ever #amazon #amazondriver #mvp #understandtheassignment ♬ The Assignment – Tay Money

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“We are dying laughing,” she wrote. “[O]ur Amazon driver was a real MVP. I have a door mat that says ‘please hide packages from husband’ — mostly as a joke. She understood the assignment.

“Update: she’s seen the video and we chatted for a bit! Super nice girl! Also — the video is at 5.5 million views on TikTok.”

The video now sits at over 8 million views on TikTok.

“I love how about 99 percent of the comments on my video have been positive. Almost everyone understands it was a joke and meant to be funny,” Longaberger said.

“It makes me happy seeing so many people saying nice things about Leeza — the driver. We’ve been chatting on TikTok since the video went viral and she’s a really sweet person. My friends and family just think it’s hilarious.”

About a month later a different Amazon delivery driver also followed the directions stated on the doormat and hid the package for the couple.

@pinkieberg Ok I really didn’t expect it to happen again ? this one’s for the guys- he came to hide the package too! #hideandseek #amazon #amazondrivers #mvp ♬ The Assignment – Tay Money

“It’s not just the ladies!” the text on the video of the subsequent video read. “He understood the assignment too!

“Even made sure I was able to see it. My Amazon drivers are seriously the best y’all.”

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