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UPS Driver Hilariously Obeys Joke Instructions on Doormat While Delivering Package


With the rise of same-day shipping and the ease of online shopping, there are some individuals who are trading in their strolls through Target for schlepps through online shops.

It’s an amazing time to be alive — the world is literally at your fingertips, and even if you’re looking for an incredibly specific product, you’re likely to find it online somewhere.

The problem, of course, is that online shopping is so easy that it can get some people into trouble.

Kids have found ways to access their parents’ accounts and order their own (often expensive) items, and even the slightly overzealous shopper has to be careful they don’t shop too much.

That may have been one of the sentiments behind the rug that is now going viral, thanks to a creative crafter, an appreciative user, and an amused delivery person.

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Ebony Freeman is one of those avid online shoppers, and her friend Amanda Harper spotted the perfect rug for her, according to Good Morning America.

The rug, sold by another Amanda who goes by the online handle Crafty Indy Gal, reads “Please hide packages from husband.” The message is short, funny and totally understandable.

A UPS driver thought so too — perhaps even more so because the “package” being delivered was a long roll of astroturf that defied being hidden.

When Freeman saw the large rolled package with the rug practically floating on top of it, she had to go to Facebook with the find.

“Oh my god look! The UPS guy actually hid it under the rug!” Freeman posted on Oct. 8, tagging the friend who’d sent her the rug in the first place.

“I instantly laughed and the first thing I did was send [a picture] to Amanda before posting it on Facebook,” Freeman said, according to Good Morning America.

“I had no clue it was going to get that much traction.”

Since posting, the photo has garnered over 7,000 reactions, 10,000 comments and 49,000 shares. News outlets started picking up the story and contacting Freeman for more interviews.

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“I just had an interview with INSIDER news for an article about the dang rug,” Freeman posted along with laugh-crying emojis on Oct. 16. “Ellen DeGeneres where you at fam.”

When news got back to the designer of the rug, she was obviously thrilled with the story — and excited to receive more orders coming her way. She states on her Facebook page that she’s a stay-at-home mom of three, who enjoys creating bespoke items.

“I’ve always had a crafty thumb, but one day something happened and here I am today with a very successful Etsy shop,” she wrote.

She followed her rug’s progress and was shocked to find out that the story had even made it across the pond, where it was amusing many more people and sparking more interest in her products.

“UK! It was posted in the UK!!!!” the Crafty Indy Gal posted on Oct. 16. “The article even mentions ME and how I’m a stay at home mom of three. This is unreal. Someone slap me.”

If this rug looks like something you or a loved one would enjoy, you can check out the Crafty Indy Gal on Facebook.

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