Watch: Alpha Dude Gets Souvenir After Casually Bouncing Massive Party-Crashing Black Bear


This man can bear with even the most stubborn uninvited guests.

Yes, pun intended.

A man fearlessly showed a black bear the door when the animal appeared to crash an outdoor gathering he was having with friends.

In an Instagram video of the incident uploaded last week, the man casually escorted the bear away from the party as if it were a stray dog.

The video caption indicated the party foul took place in Pennsylvania’s Poconos Mountains region. A post on X specified that it happened at Lake Harmony.

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WARNING: The following video contains language that some viewers will find offensive.


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Party guests urged the bear wrangler — whom they identified as “Mike” — to refrain from a confrontation with the wild animal.

Have you ever encountered a black bear?

“Mike, get away from it!” “Come on, Mike!”

But Mike didn’t relent from his firm yet fair treatment of the uninvited guest, motioning the animal away from the gathering and herding it toward a gate in a fence.

The bear even saw fit to leave its bouncer with a parting gift before being kicked out of the party.

As Mike held his ground, the bear took a swipe at him — but Mike was unfazed, even scolding the animal like a naughty puppy before it politely walked through the gate at his behest.

Mike then calmly closed the gate and lifted his shirt to reveal reddened claw marks on his side.

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One of the astounded party guests summed it up best: “You are lucky.”

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, adult black bears usually weigh around 200 pounds, with some tipping the scales at 600 pounds or more.

Black bears don’t typically attack humans, although they are attracted to the food and trash they leave behind.

Experts recommend waving your arms and making your presence known in the event a black bear comes too close.

The black bear maintains a range across the North American continent — far greater than that of the grizzly bear, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

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