Amputee Jumps Out of Wheelchair with 1 Leg & Climbs into Wrecked Car to Save Victims


On Jan. 3, around 2:30 pm, Angel Newman was pumping gas in Phoenix, Arizona. Just as he headed inside to pay, he heard a loud car crash.

When he turned to look, he saw an overturned vehicle. He did what we hope most people would do in such a situation.

“I just took off running to go over and help and a few people got out of their car, you know everyone got together to do what they could to help,” Newman told reporters.

A man, a woman, and a 14-year-old boy were trapped inside the truck. The impromptu first responders broke the windows to gain access.

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Of the people who stopped to help, one mysterious man stood out. This man, a single-leg amputee in a wheelchair, wasn’t about to let his perceived disability hold him back.

Without hesitation, the man jumped out of his chair. Somehow, he was able to slip inside the small window opening into the vehicle.

Newman may have been uncertain about who cut the passengers’ seatbelts, but was clear about who the true hero of the event was.

Newman recounted that it was this man who pulled the passengers out of the overturned car.

Once all the passengers had been pulled from the car, the good Samaritan sat on the curb until paramedics arrived so that the woman could rest in his wheelchair. Talk about giving someone the shirt off your back!

An astonished Newman began to film the accident’s aftermath, praising the compassion of this differently abled man.

“He had one leg and I was like, wow, this man, he went above and beyond to try to help these people,” Newman later told reporters.

“There were people standing right next to him that didn’t even help. This guy, he put his life at risk and did what he had to do.”

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“This man right here is a hero,” Newman said while filming the aftermath. “This accident just happened. Upside down car, three people stuck in it, this car too.

“This man jumped inside the truck, busted the windows. We were all here, but this man broke the windows. Thank God and thank this man.”

Once emergency responders took over, the heroic gentleman went on his way. Newman said that he’d seen the man around and hoped to run into him again to shake his hand.

We are so quick to look at a wheelchair and write off its user as physically unable. This man has made us all rethink our assumptions.

“This man right here is a hero,” Newman narrated in his video. Yup, that about sums it up!

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