Apple News Rejects Actual Science, Disables The Western Journal's Account for Daring To Question Popular Scientists' Points of View


While there are sometimes multiple explanations for a certain phenomenon, scientists will often accept as true the explanation that is easiest to understand.

The sentence above paraphrases a centuries-old scientific principle called Occam’s razor, which was utilized by Polish scientist Nicolaus Copernicus in the 1500s to support a claim in his book that the sun, not the Earth, was the center of the solar system.

Though the book was published in 1543, he had formulated the theory in writing almost 30 years earlier, according to

He reportedly delayed allowing the theory to be printed and was hesitant to even discuss it publicly because the innovative concept might cause him to become the object of ridicule.

The scientific consensus at the time was that the Earth was the center of the universe, yet Copernicus risked his livelihood and dignity by questioning the groupthink.

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And his perspective, as we know today, ended up exposing a false theory — one that had achieved near universal consensus among educated circles.

Courage won out over silence.

But the opposite of courage is cowardice. Fear. Weakness.

Courage leads to many voices being heard. Cowardice rejects diversity of thought.

Do you think Apple lacks the courage to permit diversity of content?

And recent actions prove that Apple falls into the latter category.

Last week, The Western Journal, the publication you are reading now, received notice that it was being banned from Apple News.

Apple News delivers news products to readers through their Apple iPhones, iPads, Macs and other devices.

Apple’s selection of publishers includes mainstream media sites like CNN, the BBC and The Wall Street Journal.

Apple News also includes uber-left publications like Vox.

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But despite permitting sites like CNN and Vox, Apple chose to ban The Western Journal.

When we heard that we’d been kicked off the platform, we reached out to Apple and asked why it had taken this action, given that The Western Journal had been included among Apple News’ publishers for years.

“Your channel has been disabled, and your content has been removed from Apple News,” Apple told us. “Your channel didn’t comply with our Apple News guidelines: Content advocates views overwhelmingly rejected by the scientific community.”

First, note that Apple didn’t point to any content in particular. (We are still reaching out to the company, and if they do, we will update this article.)

We don’t have any way of knowing what content is upsetting the Apple News editors if they lack the courage to tells us.

Speaking of lacking courage, can you imagine if Copernicus accepted Apple’s cowardly way of thinking? Copernicus’ heliocentric theory was “overwhelmingly rejected by the scientific community” at the time he published it.

Where would we be if every cutting-edge scientist or expert stepped away from his or her findings every time the results might question the underlying assumptions of the consensus?

Isn’t the point of science to find out something new? To put light where there once was darkness?

When a gatekeeper lacks the courage to permit diversity of content, what are they even protecting?

I’ll tell you: They are protecting sustained ignorance.

Apple has chosen the way of the coward, the way of the blind and the way of the moronic tyrant who flexes his power believing he is a good king but in reality stands naked and foolish before thinking people.

Diversity of thought strengthens minds and forges powerful and independent leaders.

Maybe that’s the problem.

Maybe that’s exactly what Apple and their other big tech buddies don’t want.

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