'Ballistic' Barbra Streisand Attacks Trump in Her Newest Album


Broadway legend Barbra Streisand has been a fixture of liberal politics for decades, and she’s not getting away from the spotlight yet. But conservatives are calling her out, too.

Streisand, a supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, made a political statement with one of her most recent songs, pointed at President Donald Trump.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Streisand was plain about the fact that her song, titled “Don’t Lie to Me” was aimed at the Trump administration.

She told the AP that she initially wanted the references toward Trump to be “very subtle” but couldn’t help pushing it a little further.

“I just went ballistic,” she said.

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The song, which was released on Thursday, includes Streisand questioning Trump and asking for change with lyrics like, “How do you sleep when the world keeps turning?/All that we built has come undone/How do you sleep when the world is burning?/Everyone answers to someone.”

Will you be supporting Streisand’s album?

“I just can’t stand what’s going on,” Streisand said during her phone interview with the AP on Wednesday.

“His assault on our democracy, our institutions, our founders — I think we’re in a fight. … We’re in a war for the soul of America.”

In an interview with ET Canada, Streisand said that she isn’t singing directly to Trump, but she is singing about him.

The award-winning artist and musician said that the song came to her after listing to the news in the car that “was making me sick, listening to lies, listening to things that are such craziness,” Streisand said, according to the AP.

“I wanted to talk about the things that were making me feel so sad, heartbroken,” she said. “I’m a kind of fierce American. I don’t know who we are anymore as a country.”

Streisand added, “I’m frightened for this country. And yet, I have hope.”

During an interview with Billboard, Streisand referred to the president as both “The Liar in Chief,” and “the Groper in Chief.”

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“Don’t Lie to Me” will appear in her new album, “Walls.” That project is her first with primarily original tracks since 2005 and is slated to be released on Nov. 2, 2018.

Streisand fans might buy it, but she had plenty of critics on social media.

However, that isn’t the only track that the outspoken Democrat used to throw shade in her upcoming album. Speaking about another original song called, “The rain will fall,” Streisand said that, “You can spell rain several ways.”

“But it’s my prophecy,” she said, laughing. “I hope it comes true.”

For many Trump supporters in the United States, it’s the exact opposite.

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