Barr, McConnell and Trump Must Hang Together, Or They Will Surely Hang Separately


Two days before the publication of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, Benjamin Franklin is reported to have said that the revolutionaries must now hang together, “or surely we will hang separately.”

If there was ever any doubt, it is now clear that the same warning applies to all Republicans, conservatives and libertarians who do not accept the Big Government agenda of today’s progressives.

In their eyes disagreement is simply not allowed. Diversity of thought must be punished.

As far as they are concerned, you are either vocally and openly with them or you are against them, in which case you must be destroyed, both professionally and personally.

And so, after Attorney General William Barr’s speech last week at Notre Dame defending religious liberty and criticizing the totalitarian left, he has now come under attack.

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It’s easy for the left to do this, as they have almost total control of both the traditional mainstream media and its modern internet counterparts.

In the past when the mainstream media targeted a conservative Republican, the rest of the party quickly got the memo. Other Republicans were so scared of the media that they quickly toed the line. They sought to be “loved,” Romney style, and so they joined in the denunciation of their fellow Republicans.

Of course, this only got them a temporary reprieve, because once the attack achieved its goal THEY became the new enemies of the left. They were simply “useful idiots” who the left either praised or condemned, depending on the agenda that day.

But one thing never varied: The left’s goal.

They wanted more government. More power. More control. More regulations. They sought to use the power of the state to get whatever they wanted and to shut you up if you objected.

Donald Trump is the first modern president to fight back against them with a visceral ferocity. He doesn’t turn the other cheek when you lie about him, insult him or lay traps for him.

And this is all the more infuriating to the left because they have become used to toothless tigers on the right. They have become used to conservative and Republican cowards who don’t fight back.

So the thought of someone fighting back and possibly prosecuting THEM for breaking the law sends them into an irrational tizzy that some have called Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Which brings us to the question: How should William Barr, Mitch McConnell or any other Republican who favors freedom and limited government react if this Derangement Syndrome is unleashed against them?

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In my opinion, they should rally around the president and fight back as a team.

As a team they have the ability to win, if only they will use the tools at their disposal. And fighting as a team is also in their own self-interest, for as Franklin said: They must hang together, or they will surely hang separately.

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