Barr's Strategy for Dealing with Mueller and Rosenstein


Did Attorney General William Barr have a strategy for dealing with Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein? He worked with both of them for months, versus just firing them the first day he took office, so it appears that he had a plan in mind.

This raises two questions: What was it and did it work?

Let’s start with some basic facts: Both Mueller and Rosenstein are full-fledged Swamp Creatures. They want to politically damage President Donald Trump by any means possible. This includes indicting people who work with him or support him, encouraging impeachment and protecting the Deep State.

The Mueller-Rosenstein team had a free hand while Jeff “The Weakling” Sessions was attorney general, but that free hand ended eight weeks ago when William Barr took office on Feb. 14.

On Feb. 15th, Barr could have denounced the Mueller-Rosenstein enterprise as a fraudulent coup attempt and fired both of them — but he didn’t.

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The fact that he worked with them for weeks, and his lavish praise for Rosenstein during his recent news conference, indicates that Barr had some understanding with these two “men.” What was it? Let’s start with Mueller first.

I suspect Mueller was told this: “Look, I could fire you but that could create problems for both of us. It wouldn’t be a good way to end your career and I would be accused of ‘obstructing’ the investigation of the president — but I’ll do it if you don’t end this charade, NOW.” It seems that deal was made, and indeed, it could have been negotiated weeks before Barr was officially confirmed.

As to Rosenstein, I suspect the deal was this: “Rod, you’re in deep doo-doo. You approved FISA Warrant extension requests that were unlawful. A lot of people want to see you go down, but I can hold them off if you work with me. You back me and I’ll see to it that you have a pleasant, non-indicted retirement.” It seems that deal was made also.

That’s my guess on how Barr dealt with Mueller-Rosenstein, and truth be told, it wasn’t a bad strategy. The bottom line was that it got the two most powerful members of the Deep State to halt their attack on the president. But the problem is, Mueller and Rosenstein are not alone.

They are only part of an extensive resistance that has learned an important fact: There are no penalties no matter how illegal your conduct is. You can do anything. You can destroy emails, hide files, commit perjury, create “process” crimes, take bribes in exchange for uranium contracts or speeches and you will not go to jail.

And so, the attack on Trump and his allies — and his agenda — continues. Why shouldn’t it? What is the penalty for a failed attack? What happens to you if you make an improper allegation? The answer is: Nothing happens to you. Zero. Zilch. Nada. And to boot, the mainstream media makes you a hero.

That is the price the Trump Coalition is paying for their past weakness in fighting corruption and the Deep State. Trump’s opponents learned they can do ANYTHING and get away with it, so why not try the most outlandish and brazen acts of “resistance”? You think everyone who understands politics doesn’t see this? They most assuredly do.

Even federal district court judges understand that they can single-handedly challenge political decisions constitutionally made by the president and nothing happens to them. They might get “reversed” by a circuit court, but so what? They become heroes to the resistance. There is no penalty for their improper power grabs.

Such leftist brazenness would not be so widespread if we had a REAL attorney general in early 2017. If a slew of indictments were issued over destroyed evidence, bribes, voter fraud, etc, then you might have seen everyone on the left exhibit more self-control. Alas, however, that was not to be.

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But it is still not too late. The rule of law can still be saved if action is taken now. If indictments are issued now for the illegal conduct we have all witnessed the past few years the political armies of the left can still be stopped.

William Barr stopped one of them, cleanly. He halted Army Group Mueller-Rosentein. But our leaders must understand that you cannot win the war to preserve Western political traditions by simply halting one of your opponent’s armies. The remaining armies still have to be stopped and beaten. It is time to counter-attack.

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