Biden Admin Makes Horrifying Announcement About ISIS-K, Now It All Makes Sense


The Biden administration not only negotiates with terrorists, but it is currently working with the terror group which reportedly claimed responsibility for suicide bombings that left 13 U.S. service members dead in Kabul on Thursday.

That sounds like hyperbole, but it’s most certainly not, at least not according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. Kirby on Friday was answering questions about the deadly Kabul attack against our troops, which was believed to have been carried out by a group called ISIS-K, or the Islamic State, Khorasan Province, when he let that slip.

Per Kirby, thousands of these terrorists were released from the prison located near Bagram Air Base, which the U.S. abandoned earlier this month.

President Joe Biden’s Pentagon didn’t bother to remove these cretins when he bungled the Afghan pullout, and so when Bagram was overrun by the Taliban, our apparent security partners in Kabul, the militant group let them go.

The Taliban released members of the group that murdered our brave young men in uniform. How many were released? Thousands of them.

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“How many ISIS-K prisoners were left at Bagram and believed to have been released from the prison there and why weren’t they removed before the U.S. pulled out to someplace like Gitmo?” Kirby was asked by Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin.

“Well, I don’t know the exact number. Clearly, it’s in the thousands,” said Kirby, who didn’t answer why these people were left to the Taliban.

Griffin also asked how the Defense Department can be certain that the Taliban did not assist in Thursday’s bombing. Kirby dodged the question, of course.

On Aug. 15, the Taliban captured Bagram and opened up its prison, Axios reported at the time. The outlet noted it was believed those prisoners posed a “threat to U.S.”

“On the phone call between top Biden officials and senators from both parties, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) asked Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and [Gen. Mark] Milley whether, in light of recent events, they will revise an assessment to Congress in June of a ‘medium’ risk of terrorist groups reconstituting in Afghanistan within two years,” Axios reported.

Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, reportedly answered in the affirmative.

But the general obsessed with Marxism and “white rage” apparently did nothing about a perceived terror threat. The Bagram prison reportedly held ISIS-K affiliates that the U.S. had in custody, and knew to be dangerous. Then ISIS-K on Thursday permanently altered 13 American families after being left behind during Biden’s hasty retreat.

The Biden administration has blood on its hands, and so does the Pentagon.

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The critical race theory-saturated military left behind people in a prison that posed an immediate threat to America in Afghanistan. Fewer than two weeks after they were released by monsters who the White House is working with, Americans died.

We don’t know if the Taliban worked with the ISIS-K cell to kill troops, or if the terror group simply set them free, allowing them to set this attack in motion.

We do know that all of this could have been avoided, and none of it was.

Do you think Biden and his generals need to resign?

The Biden administration could have come up with a plan for ending an unpopular war and then executed it. Milley and Austin could have adapted to the conditions on the ground when it was apparent that leaving Afghanistan was one giant mess, and neither man did.

Everyone who could have saved innocent lives chose not to. Our leaders spent the summer celebrating diversity while our enemies plotted. Thursday, those enemies struck.

No matter which way you look at it, the Biden administration facilitated what happened at the airport in Kabul on Thursday. Suddenly it all makes sense why flag-draped coffins had to be flown home. The Biden administration negotiates with Taliban terrorists, and to make that worse, it does so from a place of little leverage.

If Biden, Austin or Milley had any integrity, each man would resign immediately for the carnage they have caused in Afghanistan. Americans are dead right now for no reason other than because their leaders were arrogant and incompetent.

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