Biden FCC Nominee's Anti-Fox News Tweets, Racial Comments Come Back to Haunt Her in Senate Hearing


The First Amendment-hating Democrats under the Biden administration and its handlers are continuing their attempts at weaponizing government agencies against the American people.

Now that the left has asserted a concerning control over the FBI and the IRS, the Biden administration is attempting to usurp the Federal Communications Commission with documented leftist and racist, Gigi Sohn, as its nominee.

The FCC is a United States government agency that is overseen by Congress and regulates communications via radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

According to C-SPAN, “The FCC is a five-member body tasked with regulating the nation’s communications. Currently there are only four commissioners and it’s split equally between Democrats and Republicans.”

Sohn’s unabashed left-leaning sympathies would put the FCC in danger of having a Democratic majority dedicated to throttling free speech if her nomination is approved.

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Republican concerns about such a candidate were rightly made known to the American people during a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on Tuesday.

Republican Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance made a simple but astute spectacle of Sohn’s past support for racially charged tweets during the Trump presidency.

At one point, Vance read aloud a Twitter post Sohn retweeted in June 2020 about then-President Donald Trump, but replaced Trump’s name with that of former President Barack Obama and reversed the races it mentioned.

“President Obama is a raggedy black supremacist president and his cowardly enablers would rather kill everybody than stop killing white people,” Vance read.

Vance then asked Sohn, “Do you think a person, yes or no, who says that should be appointed to the FCC?”

Sohn simply played dumb and responded, “I really … I would need to more of the context honestly.”

Vance quickly retorted, “OK, well clearly a person who said that should not be appointed the FCC and in fact, you re-tweeted the exact same thing only with President Trump instead of President Obama and the races reversed.”

Vance continued his precise offensive when he brought up a Twitter post that Sohn wrote about now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but replaced Kavanaugh’s name with that of now-Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

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He also replaced the word “white” with “black” and the word “man” with “woman.”

“Angry black woman … not a good look, Judge Brown Jackson,” Vance read.

“Would a person who tweeted that pejoratively be deserving of the position that you are seeking?” he asked.

Sohn replied, “I think it has nothing to do with the position that they’re seeking, so not necessarily.”

“You tweeted at Judge Kavanaugh, ‘angry white man, not a good look, Judge Kavanaugh,'” Vance responded.

Vance powerfully concluded:

“Now here’s why I think that it’s relevant. We live in a country that is very diverse, people come from very different backgrounds and one of the things that preserves what little racial comity and harmony we have in this country is that our leaders don’t use that racial comity and harmony like a toddler who discovered their daddy’s gun.

“You talk about racial issues in a way that will inflame the very worst things in our country, and I fear that if you’re given this position of authority, you will use that authority to continue to inflame and to continue potentally even to censor, based on some of these ideas …”

At the hearing, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz also voiced his concerns with Sohn’s past tweets about her disdain for Fox News and her claim that the conservative news network is contributing to “destroying democracy.”


“I have some issues with Fox News,” Sohn acknowledged.

Cruz stated that her “vitriolic rhetoric” implied her willingness, “to use government regulatory power to go after them [Fox News] and silence them.”

Cruz then noted that Sorn had described Fox News as “state-sponsored propaganda” and asked what she meant by her classifying Fox News as “state-sponsored.”

Sohn replied, “…what I meant by that … is that they [Fox News] were very, very close to the Trump administration and that the two of them were sort of interacting.”

Cruz then cornered Sohn when he asked, “…is MSNBC very, very close to the Biden administration?”

Should Sohn be confirmed for FCC commissioner?

Sohn pathetically attempted to dodge the question by stating that she doesn’t listen to MSNBC or CNN and only listens to NPR (a radically left-leaning organization that is, in fact, state-sponsored).

Cruz also tweeted about Sohn’s documented conflict of interest in regard to her having contributed to campaigns of 12 of the Democratic senators involved in voting on her appointment to the FCC.

It is beyond a reasonable doubt that Sohn is a dyed-in-the-wool leftist who hates the constitutional right to free speech and would have no qualms about censoring conservatives as well as fueling racial tensions in this country if her appointment is confirmed.

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