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Biden Official: Secretly Scattering Criminal Migrants Across America 'Beautiful to Watch'

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An anonymous official of President’s Joe Biden administration hailed the de facto smuggling of illegal immigrants across the southern border following the dismantling of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, describing it as “beautiful to watch.”

The unnamed official spoke to The New Yorker for a January article about another official who left the administration when they proved unwilling to implement her most extreme pro-amnesty views on immigration policy.

Andrea Flores was responsible for dismantling Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols, more commonly known as the Remain in Mexico policy. The policy required asylum seekers arriving to claim legal residency in the United States to await the adjudication of their claims in Mexico.

The policy proved to be one of the most effective border security efforts implemented during Trump’s tenure, significantly reducing the inflow of illegal immigrants and preventing the flawed and byzantine immigration court system from providing a backdoor to quick legal residency in the United States.

Flores had orchestrated a policy under which 13,000 asylum seekers waiting in Mexico were allowed into the United States following Biden’s termination of Remain in Mexico.

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“No one heard about it because it ran so smoothly,” said the official of the amnesty provided to the immigrants previously enrolled in MPP under the new program.

The program in question entailed moving the mass of migrants out of Mexican border cities such as Matamoros and flying them across the country to various American communities.

Yet another Biden official hailed the dismantling of Trump’s immigration restrictions, which opened the U.S. border to thousands of migrants with highly questionable claims of asylum.

“This was how government was supposed to work,” the official said. “Andrea was in charge, and it was beautiful to watch.”

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Flores’ account of her time in the Biden administration painted a picture of a government anxious regarding public perception of its lenient immigration policy, while committed to providing amnesty and legalization to as many illegal immigrants as possible.

Flores would eventually leave the White House when the Biden administration’s termination of the MPP was overruled in the courts. She refused to reinstate a border security policy she personally opposed.

Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and the president’s lawyers fought against the reinstatement of MPP, but the Supreme Court ultimately decided that Biden had terminated the policy unlawfully and improperly.

The administration has since dragged its feet in reimplementing the proposal, which Trump secured through extensive negotiation and cooperation with Mexico.

As few as 10 migrants a day have been logged into the Trump-era program, with more than half of detained border crossers ultimately released into American communities, Breitbart reported.

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Flores is now an immigration policy staffer for Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey.

Illegal crossings of the southern border set an all-time record during the first of Biden’s presidency, with more illegals arriving in the country than ever before in 2021.

Evidently, the bureaucrats tasked with keeping America’s border secure see such a development as “beautiful” rather than the consequence of their own disrespect for the rule of law.

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