BlackRock CEO Lets Audience In on the Evil Things He's Been Doing at Company


Founding Father and central banker Alexander Hamilton was credited with having said, “In the general course of human nature, control over a man’s means is control over his will.”

It appears that BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has taken these words to heart when it comes to forcing woke ideologies on his employees through the use of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores.

According to SG Analytics, “These scores which ranges from 0-100, allows investors to compare a company’s performance to that of its competitors in the same industry and businesses from different sectors. Poor performance is defined as a score of less than 50, and excellent performance as a score of more than 70.”

Stakeholders and potential investors look at these scores which makes them increasingly important in the business world.

Unfortunately, executives like Fink are using their importance to slip in vague, progressive categories like “carbon footprint,” “social vulnerability,” “disadvantaged or priority populations,” and “board of Directors’ diversity,” just to name a few.

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In a resurfaced clip, Fink can be seen at Deal Book 2017 expounding on this disturbing practice and how he sees ESGs as an effective tool in achieving social change.

Does Fink’s comments concern you?

Here is the full interview which was posted Nov. 9, 2017.

Fink stated, “Well behaviors are going to have to change…you have to force behaviors and at BlackRock we are forcing behaviors.”

He went on to self-righteously laud his forcing increased diversity rates at BlackRock regardless of competency or merit.

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“What we’re doing internally is, if you don’t achieve these levels of ‘impact’, your compensation could be impacted,” Fink added.

Kenneth Chenault, who was the CEO and chairman of American Express quickly interjected, “We’re doing the same thing.”

Fink continued, “You have to force behaviors and if you don’t force behaviors, whether it’s gender, or race, or any way you want to say, ‘the composition of your team,’ you’re going to be impacted.”

He concluded, “We’re going to have to force change.”

The resurfaced clip garnered the attention of Tesla Founder and CEO, Elon Musk, who called the video “concerning” Monday on Twitter.

Another Twitter user pointed out how Fink appeared “genuinely proud” of himself and his coercing change through the use of ESG scores.

Fink’s deranged rant about using ESG scores to force behavioral and staffing changes seem to have taken root as we have seen an absurd wave of wokeism hit the corporate world since 2017.

Anheuser-Busch Companies, Target and Kohls are only a few household names that have embraced “wokeness” and attempted to normalize its various abominations to their consumers.

Now that we are in the first week of “pride month,” you can be sure that many other companies led by executives who subscribe to Fink’s moral insanity will also follow suit for fear of ESG-type scoring systems.

A Twitter user correctly pointed out, however, how we as consumers can counter this new-aged crusade.

He [Fink] can force behaviors, we can force bankruptcy,” the user wrote.

This sentiment appears to be shared by millions of Americans who have stopped buying Bud Light to the cost of billions to Anheuser-Busch and even caused Target to remove pro-trans child wear that were being sold in their shopping locations.

Indeed, discretionary income is something we as consumers should be wielding with unflinching resolve, but it is disturbing to see monster corporations like BlackRock and American Express endorse this kind of ruthless, intersectional tyranny against those who simply want to perform a job in exchange for money.

For this is the goal of the enemy: to control your means of earning a living and thus control what you say and believe to attain it.

I strongly encourage those who wish to see the practice of ESG scoring outlawed, to petition your state representatives and lawmakers before this practice completely takes hold of the corporate world in this country.

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