Bullies Rip Teen's Wig Off at School. Follow Her into Bathroom & Film Her While She Cries


High school can be brutal. With the formation of cliques and the random bully, fitting in can be close to impossible for some teens. One thing that parents do expect form their children’s school is that they will be safe.

For 16-year-old Lulu Williams, high school was just one of her worries. She suffered from eczema and psoriasis for years. The condition eventually caused her to lose her hair.

In her tender teenage years, she wore a wig to hide her condition.

“I’ve never told anyone because I was embarrassed by it and I felt like I’m not as beautiful as all these other girls because my hair is like this,” said Lulu.

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She was worried all the time that the day would come when someone would discover her secret and pull off her wig. This insecurity was her biggest worry.

Then one day, Lulu’s mother, Myckelle, received a terrifying phone call from her daughter. She was screaming and crying and asked to be picked up from school.

A group of boys had done the unthinkable and pulled off Lulu’s wig while at lunch. They made a video of the entire thing.

Lulu rushed to the bathroom in fear, but the bullying didn’t stop there. A girl followed her and began video recording over the stall where Lulu hid.

“I just heard her laughing outside the stall the entire time, and I was crying,” said Lulu. This wasn’t the first time that Lulu had been bullied.

It had been going on for close to a year and a half. “Once she got to the (high) school, immediately, girls started attacking her. I was going to the school constantly,” said Myckelle.

Lulu’s friend was able to return her wig to her but the damage had been done. Myckelle later took Lulu to the hospital where she was treated for abrasions and whiplash.

“Her head was hurting,” Myckelle said. “Her neck was hurting. Her scalp was hurting and she was just crying.”

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It was heartbreaking that, at a place where your child should be safe, something so horrible could happen.

The incident was investigated and the Franklin Police called the bullying, a “shameful act.” But Lulu would not let the bullies win. She decided to shave her scant hair off and let go of the wigs.

An event that might have left her feeling despair has strengthened her. “Now ever since I did it I feel free, and I’m not held down by my hair or I’m not defined by it,” Lulu said.

“I’m defining myself.” She has received countless messages from other girls going through similar things.

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