Bus Driver Sees Woman Hunched Over on Sidewalk. Immediately Stops Bus & Calls 911


Good Samaritans are some of the most amazing folks. To do good for another person requires that the right person be at the right place at the right time with the right resources.

Thinking of just how easily things can go wrong or go right, it is amazing that anything positive happens at all. It is easy to think about all those times where no one stepped up to do the right thing.

When you think about the cost of being human, you really realize that humanity is such a contradiction.

We are so small and seemingly unimportant yet each and every one of us is a powerful, life-changing, and significant expression of love and life itself.

Bus driver, mother, and decent human being Tayetta Currin is one of the good ones. When she pulled her bus over for a woman in distress, she ended up being a hero.

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On Christmas Eve, Currin pulled the bus over and and heard these six words: “I think I am going into labor.” You can hear her on the video give a very natural “oh wow.”

While others might have freaked out at the prospect of this sort of delivery in the middle of their shift, Currin kept a level head.

Without panic or anxiety, she welcomed that woman on board. While other passengers helped the woman get settled, Currin was able to call for an ambulance.

This story has a lot of heroes, Currin among them. The other heroes are the passengers who helped out — not to mention the ambulance drivers who came to the rescue as well.

I’ve seen a woman give birth before, but I have never been a hero to a woman giving birth.

How fitting was it for this to all happen on Christmas Eve, when our cultural narrative turns to pregnant women and a child born in rough circumstances.

I hope that mother appreciates the driver who stopped for her. It’s not clear where she was from or if she was trying to make her way to the hospital on her own, but it’s doubtful she would have made it.

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It’s all too easy to imagine the driver, intent on getting to the next station on time, wouldn’t notice the hunched form ambling along the sidewalk.

I’ve seen bus drivers blow right past people waving them down for help if the aren’t at an official stop.

This new year is a new opportunity to do new things. I hope we all have a chance to be a good Samaritan this year.

May we care for and look after those who are in our lives, even those who enter without our expecting them.

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