Canadian Gas Station Robbery Turns Into Epic Mishap Better Than Any Hollywood Movie


In a video that went viral late last week, viewers across the globe witnessed perhaps the most poorly executed arrest evasion at a gas station convenience store in Canada. And boy was it hilarious.

In an edited compilation of video taken from various cameras around the store, the failed attempt by the thieves to escape will leave you both hanging on the edge of your seat and rolling with laughter.

The scene opens with a man and woman being detained by police. The couple had attempted to make a purchase with stolen credit cards at the Spruce Grove Reddi Mart, and things quickly took a turn for the worse once police arrived.

The suspects weren’t about to go down without a fight, albeit a disastrous one.

In the surveillance footage, while police hold the suspects near the front door, the man, identified as Richard Pariseau, 28, suddenly breaks free and attempts to make a run for it — away from the exit and towards the back of the store.

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He runs through one of the snack aisles and chooses his defense weapon wisely. Wielding a bag of what appears to be sunflower seeds, perhaps of the pickle variety, he holds it up to the police officer who is pursing him with a taser.

But all too soon, Richard realizes his sunflower seeds can’t protect him and throws them and himself to the ground as the officer approaches.

Apparently, though, Richard isn’t finished just yet. As the officer reaches towards him, Richard suddenly jumps up, starling the officer. Moments later, the woman, 29-year-old Brittany Burke, approaches the two men, but the officer instructs her to back away.

With that, things only get more interesting. Leaving all notions of her presumably true and undying love for Richard behind, Brittany sees her chance to escape.

Seeing the officer occupied with holding down Richard with his foot, Brittany quickly walks around the store and into the back room.

The camera cuts to a view of the front door, revealing that Richard has escaped the officer’s grasp and finally made (yet another) run for it — this time, at least, in the right direction.

Before we find out if the officer successfully subdues him, the video again cuts to a back room view as Brittany seems to find the perfect place to hide. She begins to climb up towards the camera before locating her escape route above a fridge.

Brittany’s final destination remains to be seen as we move back over to the officer at the front door and learn that he did in fact capture Richard and works to pin him to the floor in front of the cash register.

But as if on cue, we are again whisked away to a seemingly motionless view of the aisles of the store, Richard just out of view and Brittany nowhere to be seen.

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Suddenly, however, a ceiling tile crumbling from above foreshadows the seconds-later descent of… Brittany! The tiles give way as she flies out from the ceiling, slamming into an aisle stocked with greeting cards and firewood below.

Remarkably unfazed after that rather unsafe landing on the tile floor, she pauses for only a moment to look at Richard, perhaps catching a glimpse of her betrayal in his eyes, before running towards the back room again.

But back-up law enforcement arrives just in time, sending Brittany to the ground, surrendering with hands in the air.

The scene closes in equally dramatic fashion as police lead a handcuffed Brittany out the front door as four or five officers work together to detain Richard.

According to CTV News, Richard now faces 11 charges, and Brittany three, including assaulting an officer, using a stolen credit card, and most appropriately, mischief.

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