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Cat Floods Owner's Home After Learning New 'Trick'


Sometimes our pets cause us grief. They chew on shoes that they shouldn’t, use our rugs as a toilet or dig into the garbage — but few of them cause thousands of dollars of damage.

Amber the 1-year-old Bengal cat from Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorkshire, England, can claim that she has. As many cats are, Amber is curious and clever, which has resulted in what her owners first saw as an amusing “trick.”

One day recently, her 26-year-old owner Jasmin Stork came home to a strange sight: the upstairs bathroom sink was running.

“I was so confused as to why it was on,” she said, according to The Sun. “Then the next day, I was in the bathroom and Amber came in and jumped up on the sink and started chewing the tap.”

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“I started recording as I thought straight away that was the reason the tap was on! At this point, we thought it was funny. We even joked about the new ‘trick’ she had learned.”

“The next day I caught her at it again, but first playing with the plug so that it actually closed – we were saying how lucky it was that I was in and was able to stop it.”

“From this point we made a conscious effort to close the door behind us until the day I worked from home.”

So Stork and her boyfriend did their best to make sure the bathroom door was always closed, since they realized what Amber could do. But on Oct. 7, someone forgot to close the door, a fact Stork was faced with when she returned from her 30-minute lunch.

“I knew as soon as I walked into the living room what had happened,” she said. “I ran upstairs and the tap was on full and water was overflowing the sink. It was everywhere.”

“Amber thought it was great. She was sat in the kitchen doorway into the living room, tapping her paws away in the water merrily like it was great fun. No remorse whatsoever.

“I was about 30 minutes, and on the phone to my mum as I got back home, who I am sure could no doubt hear the horror in my voice when I opened the front door to my living room pouring with water.

Stork posted a video of the cheeky kitty playing with the sink and the aftermath of the cat’s game. The floor was totally covered in water, and water dropped steadily from the ceiling.

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“Anyone ever had to ring their boss and say they can’t work cause their cat flooded the house, or just me?” she tweeted.

Stork did note that she was incredibly grateful she’d only been out for half an hour, as the damage could have been much worse. As it stands, flooring will need to be replaced.

“We’re still drying out some stuff, so we don’t yet know how much the damage will cost to fix,” she said. “The ceiling hasn’t fallen through which is a blessing. We live in an old cottage style house so the water was dripping through the wooden boards.”

“It will be a case of replacing the flooring that we have had to rip up.”

Hopefully the bathroom door will stay shut from now on — though with as sneaky and clever a cat as Amber, she’ll no doubt find new and expensive ways to entertain herself.

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