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Woman Shares Clever Trick She Uses To Trim Dog's Nails in Video


When it comes to dog care, grooming is a task often left to the professionals. When a pup requires more than a quick brush or an occasional bath, some people are hesitant to get involved and turn to groomers.

Trimming nails is often owners’ and dogs’ least favorite part of a grooming routine. Many dogs just plain don’t like their feet handled, and it’s hard to cut the nail without getting into the quick (the blood vessel and nerve inside the nail) when a dog keeps moving its paw.

Dogs with black nails are even harder to trim, since you can’t see the quick at all.

It takes a steady hand and experience to clip nails short enough without cutting them too short, and many people opt to use dremels to grind down the nail gradually instead — but even that takes practice for both canine and human.

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One woman has developed a hack, though, to keep her dogs steady while she trims their nails. While her husband says it makes her “look like a dork,” the proof is in the peanut butter.

Lindsey Shelton from California has two dogs named Schmidt and Murphy. She needed to get their nails done, but also needed a way to keep them still while she clipped.

So she got cling wrap, wound it around the top of her head and plastered a large spoonful of (non-xylitol) peanut butter across her forehead area, prompting the “dork” comment from her husband.

“Oh, I look like a dork?” she clapped back in her video. “I’m about to look like a genius!”

Then, facing Schmidt, she let him lick the peanut butter off her forehead while she got the grooming job done. She posted a video of her life hack, and it’s since taken off.

“Schmidt has always been slightly easier to handle,” Shelton told The Dodo. “Usually, it takes me and my husband wrestling him like a crocodile.”

Murphy was less convinced, and even the peanut butter wasn’t enough of a draw to let Shelton use the clippers on him.

“With Schmidt, it worked wonderfully!” she reported.

“With Murphy, not so much. I got about three nails clipped on Murphy and all of Schmidt’s done.”

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Would you try this trick with your dog?

Dogs love peanut butter, and this is a terribly clever way to get a dog to hold still — with one caveat. If you opt to try this, it’s best to use it on a dog that doesn’t mind its nails being clipped.

One wrong move around a nervous dog, and you could end up with a bite to the face or clipping a nail too short. In general, though, peanut butter smudges are definitely a good way to get these rather unfavorable tasks done.

In fact, this “hack” has popped up in different ways before, some more refined than others.

Some people simply smear peanut butter on the wall above the tub when they wash their dog, and the dog will focus on licking off the delicious treat while the owner can focus on getting their pooch squeaky-clean.

Some enterprising individuals have even come up with a product that sticks to the wall so that you don’t have to make a mess on your tub walls.

A few models even have cutouts or grooves so that it takes the dog longer to get all the sticky treat, leaving you free to do the sudsing with a more compliant pup.

Have you tried any of these tricks before?

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