CBS News Anchor Discovers Majority of Americans Favor Mass Deportations, Struggles to Understand It


Illegal immigration is one of the biggest issues of this fall’s presidential election, and Americans have made their feelings on the subject clear.

A CBS News/YouGov poll last week found that 62 percent of registered voters are in favor of a government program that would deport all illegal immigrants living in the United States, compared with 38 percent against. The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.8 percent.

CBS News pollster Anthony Salvanto went on “Face the Nation” with Margaret Brennan on Sunday to discuss the findings.

In the face of the results, Brennan jumped to the defense of the Biden administration and struggled to understand what more Americans want the government to do about illegal immigration.

The host touted that the Biden administration said it “has already deported or repatriated more people in the past year than any year since 2010.”

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She also criticized some of former President Donald Trump’s proposed border security and immigration policies as she seemed bewildered about the poll results.

“Some of what Mr. Trump talks about could be illegal,” Brennan said. “It doesn’t seem practical in some sense to round up children.

“And then we know that the courts have questioned whether local authorities would have the ability to do it. The federal authorities don’t have the resources.

Should all illegal immigrants be deported?

“So, what exactly do people think they’re supporting?”

Salvanto claimed the poll gave “a sense of direction” of how people feel about an issue, not how they think the problem should be solved — even though it showed strong support for the solution of deportation.

“It’s really just kind of a ‘do something,'” Brennan said.

Brennan eventually came around to understand that Americans are fed up with the inflow of illegal immigration into the United States and simply want the government to create a system that actually deals with the problem.

While she may find the policies proposed by Trump to be abhorrent, Americans simply want serious action taken when it comes to the border crisis.

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The more time that goes by without the federal government solving the issue, the more drastic the action that Americans will want.

Since Biden took office in January 2021 and reversed many of Trump’s border security measures, more than 7.2 million people have entered the nation illegally across the southern border, Fox News reported in February.

Throughout those three years, the Biden administration has denied responsibility for the crisis and failed to take measurable action.

Whether mass deportation is the best solution to the illegal immigration problem is up for debate.

What is clear, however, is that Americans are tired of illegal immigrants flowing into their country and are desperate for a solution.

The liberal media may look down on Americans for not having all the details ironed out for exactly how to deal with the issue, but that’s not the job of citizens. It’s the job of the government.

All Americans want is for the government to do something.

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Anthony Altomari is a commentary writer for the Western Journal. He focuses his writing on culture and politics.
Anthony Altomari is a commentary writer for the Western Journal. He focuses his writing on culture and politics.