Check Out How UPS Is Getting Around in Biden's Economy


In yet another farcical illustration that the left’s climate alarmism is vacuous political theater, United Parcel Service unveiled a battery-powered, four-wheeled cycle to make deliveries in New York.

UPS, a woke, left-wing corporation, touted the news on Twitter, claiming its eQuad will combat climate change by reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

The company said it’s trying to be “carbon-neutral” by 2050 and “achieve 40% alternative fuel in ground operations by 2025.”

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UPS is conducting a trial run of the eQuads in New York City and across several European cities to test their feasibility.

Will the UPS eQuad project fail?

Nicole Pilet, the company’s industrial engineering director, told the AP “if we can have success here in the city, then we can see how we implement in other cities throughout the U.S.”

Several Twitter users nixed the idea, saying eQuads will make drivers vulnerable to assaults and robberies.

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It’s bad enough that UPS drivers are sometimes beaten or killed while making deliveries using large trucks, but they’ll be even more exposed on these tiny eQuad vehicles.

As a New Yorker, I believe the eQuad project will fail miserably. Forcing UPS drivers to use miniature electronic vehicles will make their lives more difficult and dangerous.

Because of the soft-on-crime policies of NYC’s Democratic leaders — coupled with their reckless disempowerment of police — criminals have become even more emboldened because there’s no deterrence or accountability for their thuggery.

Parked cars with engaged alarm systems are frequent targets for theft on NYC streets.

Does anyone actually believe that an unmonitored UPS vehicle will be safe when the driver steps away to deliver a parcel? What a joke.

Logistically speaking, it’s hard enough to deliver large packages using a big UPS truck, but the work will become even more onerous if drivers are forced to make multiple deliveries because the eQuads only fit a certain number of packages.

In New York, people buy furniture, treadmills, microwaves and other large items online. Those deliveries are impossible using an eQuad.

The likely result will probably be delayed deliveries — and this is not something impatient New Yorkers will tolerate.

Moreover, has UPS considered how its eQuad drivers will fare when there’s a snowstorm or a torrential downpour of rain? Maybe UPS executives don’t care if their drivers freeze while they’re being hijacked or robbed.

So this UPS under Joe Biden’s botched presidency and failed economy: A multi-billion-dollar corporation resorting to Flintstones-level “technology” that sacrifices efficiency and personal safety in the name of climate hysteria.

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