Chinese Media Outlines What US Relations with Beijing Will Be Like Under a Biden Admin


Chinese state media suggested on Sunday that a Biden administration will be soft on China, confirming what many thought Biden’s foreign policy would look like.

The Global Times, a tabloid owned by the Chinese government’s People’s Daily, released a piece titled “Biden government will likely keep Aussies and allies from wild actions.”

The article mainly focused on the complexities of how the United States influences the actions of its allies such as Australia, but also suggested that a presumptive Biden administration would be more laid-back.

“Against the background of China-US strategic game, US’ policy for the next four years will continue to seek multilateral alliance frameworks to contain China,” the Global Times reported. “Many observers tend to believe that the Biden administration will to some extent ease tensions with China in the future.”

The article also critiqued President Donald Trump’s policy on China, which has grown increasingly aggressive since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

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“When it comes to diplomacy, the most apparent difference between Biden and Trump administrations will be this: Biden won’t take extreme, indiscriminate approaches. The US under Biden will go back to the normal track of ties with China where there will be both confrontation and cooperation — competitive coexistence.”

Although this is simply one article from a China-backed news website, it should not be taken lightly.

Top intelligence officials are already concerned about what relations with China might look like under Biden, who has previously brushed off concerns about the global power, and articles like the one in the Global Times only reaffirm those fears.

Would you want a President Biden to be tough on China?

Anyone who has been following the news regarding the persecution of Uighur Muslims should be infuriated for thinking that a Biden administration will give them a free pass.

Thankfully, Congress and the Trump administration have continued to be firm with the communist power, passing legislation such as the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act.

But would Biden even entertain the idea of approving sanctions to hold China accountable?

Antony Blinken, Biden’s nominee for secretary of state, is attempting to avoid landmines in order to have a smooth confirmation process.

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Blinken’s firm WestExec Advisors scrubbed references to its Chinese business affairs back in July because Blinken likely knew the challenges that would lie ahead.

Biden, Blinken and other diplomatic and intelligence officials cannot let China off the hook for its countless human rights violations and its chokehold on the global economy.

When Chinese state media starts saying that Biden will be a pushover, that should be an immediate signal to him that he needs to throw down the gauntlet to the Chinese Communist Party.

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