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Chris Pratt's Pro-America Hit Series Gets the Best News - Liberals Are Going to Hate It

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Leftists couldn’t wait to slander Chris Pratt’s Amazon series “The Terminal List” when it first debuted in July, no doubt because the Hollywood megastar happens to be an outspoken Christian.

The left-wingers over at The Daily Beast attempted to castigate the show by dubbing it an “unhinged right-wing revenge fantasy.”

Now, you’re probably thinking “an unhinged right-wing revenge fantasy”? That sounds amazing!

Apparently, audiences felt that way. In fact, the show resonated well enough with Amazon viewers to earn itself a second season.

Deadline announced as much via a Wednesday report.

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Though Amazon refused to comment on the story, Jack Carr, author of the book on which the show is based, all but confirmed the news by tweeting out the story.

According to Deadline, Pratt and Carr had already teased the show’s return after the first season’s debut.

Are you a fan of "The Terminal List"?

“To the rabid fans of ‘The Terminal List’ out there, you have nothing to worry about,” Pratt said on Carr’s podcast in September.

“We love you and appreciate your support. It’s our life’s mission to make sure you can come back to the well. We are working away.”

It’s really no surprise the show will be coming back; its first season was an incredible success.

In August, Pratt playfully mocked the show’s critics after news broke that “The Terminal List” had garnered an impressive 1.6 billion minutes watched. It also has an audience score of 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The good news for Pratt (and bad news for his leftist enemies) doesn’t stop at the announcement of the show’s second season, however.

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According to Deadline, Amazon is also developing a prequel featuring a character played by Pratt’s “The Terminal List” co-star, Taylor Kitsch.

It was Pratt’s idea to launch the prequel series.

The leftists over at The Daily Beast tried their best to “cancel” the show and its conservative star. Instead of abandoning the show, Amazon is literally building an entire franchise off of it.

We are all watching the left lose its power to cancel things in real-time.

It’s truly a beautiful thing to see.

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