Christian Girl Gives Adult Film Stars a Painful Reality Check About What Their Future Holds


Powerful messages can sometimes come in crude packaging.

Case in point, a collection of OnlyFans “stars” was taken to task by a woman of faith, and given a savage reality check on a very public stage recently.

Mary Morgan, the aforementioned woman of faith and a conservative cultural influencer, took these porn actresses to task on the “whatever” dating podcast episode that aired on Tuesday.

You can watch the entire episode below, but be warned: There’s a reason this story begins by mentioning “crude packaging.”

WARNING: The following video clip and subsequent content contains mature content that the reader/viewer may find disturbing

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The episode covers a wide range of dating, relationship and love-life topics, and obviously featured a diverse roundtable of ladies, given that both Morgan and OnlyFan actresses were there together.

The relevant segment, however, came when “whatever” host Brian Atlas took a viewer question:

“(OnlyFans) girls, the internet lasts forever,” Atlas reads. “What happens when your son or daughter goes to school and everyone is laughing and circulating your pics and videos around? Fast money, slow problems.

Would you like to see a complete and total federal ban of pornography?

“Men do care about your past.”

The OnlyFans ladies could not muster the most articulate response, largely relying on the non-excuse of “everybody’s doing it.”

When one of the OnlyFans women mentioned that “everyone watches porn,” Morgan interjected that she was judiciously “throwing around a lot of generalities.”

Indeed, by virtually any moral metric, there is nothing redeemable about pornography. It’s exploitative, destructive and ruinous of healthy, functional relationships.

The flimsy excuse that “everyone watches porn” is not a reason to simply give in and accept it. If anything, the fact that pornography is so ubiquitous is all the more reason to fight back harder.

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That’s where people like Morgan can come in.

Earlier in the episode, Morgan said that she was Catholic, and re-affirmed her belief that sex should be saved for marriage.

Morgan’s fellow “whatever” cohorts clearly don’t harbor that same belief, and that was made painfully obvious throughout the podcast.

One of the pro-porn ladies (Nicolette, a self-described “stripper” and OnlyFans actress) actually tried to justify pornography by arguing that her hypothetical child, after enduring a full school day of bullying over his or her mother’s OnlyFans content, would actually be laughing at the bullies from “our nicest house” and “our nicest car” while wearing “our nicest clothes.”

One, that’s not how childhood psyches work. Two, sounds like she would raise a spoiled brat.

But this writer’s criticisms pale in comparison to what Morgan eventually countered with.

“Nicolette, I think that you’re making a huge mistake in saying, ‘I’m going to be sexualized against my will anyway, so I might as well do it myself and monetize it,'” Morgan said. “You can’t deny that that is spiritually and emotionally corrosive.”

Indeed, “corrosive” is a wonderfully apt adjective to describe what lust can do to one’s soul.

Nicolette’s response?

“I don’t know. I’m pretty happy with my life, so…”

Money doesn’t equal happiness,” Morgan retorted.

Ah, yes. “Nothing matters save for my personal pleasure.” You won’t find a better encapsulation of so much of the world’s woes than that sentiment.

For Morgan, that line of reasoning simply didn’t fly.

“You’re consenting to being sexualized,” Morgan said. “Your future children, if you have any, do not consent to this material being public and available for other children to use as a bullying bludgeon against them.”

When some of the other ladies flimsily argued that “anything” can be used to bully children, including hosting a dating podcast, Morgan interjected that the two were obviously different, while also delivering a savage, albeit crude, blow:

“You don’t think that one is worse than the other?” Morgan began. “You don’t think that, you know, being on a podcast and talking about dating culture is, like, a little less embarrassing for a kid than their mother sucking d*** on camera?”

Knock. Out.

And really, that’s the truth of it isn’t it? Parents will embarrass their children. That’s a simple truth of life.

But there is a rather gaping chasm of a difference between sharing a naked baby photo and being naked in photos.

One is cheeky fun.

The other promotes lust, which is literally a Biblical sin.

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Bryan Chai has written news and sports for The Western Journal for more than five years and has produced more than 1,300 stories. He specializes in the NBA and NFL as well as politics. He graduated with a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. He is an avid fan of sports, video games, politics and debate.
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