Christians Sing About the 'Blood of Jesus' as 'Witches' Try To Hex Trump and Kavanaugh


A ritual held by a group of self-identifed “witches” designed to “hex” President Donald Trump, newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in New York City was met with Christians praying, praising God and reportedly singing about the “blood of Jesus” on Saturday night.

“Roughly 16,000 people expressed interest in the hexing event on Facebook, but only 60-70 people could fit into the occultic bookstore where it was held in Brooklyn, NY,” CBN News reported. “Proceeds from the $10 participation fee were given to pro-abortion and LGBT causes.”

Dakota Bracciale, co-owner of Catland Books and one of the organizers of the event, told the BBC the purpose of the spells they were casting against Kavanaugh were aimed at exposing him “for what he truly is, to cause him harm and see him undone.”

Bracciale confirmed on Fox News on Saturday that the rituals they performed involved dirt from a graveyard, three nails from coffins, and burning effigies of Trump, Kavanaugh and McConnell.

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“It’s about exposing these people because we believe that they are fundamentally dishonest and fundamentally unethical,” the man told Fox News host Jesse Watters.

Watters noted that Bracciale’s bookstore also held similar events last summer hexing Trump three times and contended the spells apparently had not worked, particularly in light of the president’s recent streak of good news stories.

Bracciale countered that the Russia probe and the Stormy Daniels controversy were examples of the hexes having their intended effect.

Christians who had gathered outside the Catland bookstore ahead of Saturday’s event could be heard singing songs and preaching about the power of God.

Do you believe Christians can counter hexes by appealing to the "blood of Jesus"?

A Facebook Live video captured the sometimes seemingly frenetic scene, including believers singing the gospel song, “Break Every Chain,” with the lyrics, “There is power in the name of Jesus…to break every chain…There’s an Army rising up.”

In another video, the Christians sang “Amazing Grace” and “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah” and prayed.

Ahead of Saturday’s event, Michael Maiden, pastor of the Church for The Nations in Phoenix, posted on Facebook: “Apparently, hundreds, if not thousands, of WITCHES have convened today to ‘hex’ Justice Kavanaugh. Well, it only takes ONE ANOINTED BELIEVER’S PRAYER to stop all that witchcraft!”

“NO WEAPON formed against you will prosper,” Maiden added quoting from the Bible’s Book of Isaiah.

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Noted Christian speaker Lance Wallnau, who prophesied a win for Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election, contended in a Facebook Live video on Sunday that the presence of Christians singing about the “blood of Jesus” was a “great neutralizer.”

“A group of intercessors surrounded the bookstore,” Wallnau said. “The Christians were singing about the blood of Jesus for hours… I was watching a reporter going through the event and you could hear the singing outside and there was such an anointing on it that I’m convinced that the blood of Jesus kept an incident from happening.”

He continued, “You know Antifa was strangely mute at the event. And it was the singing of the believers I think that, on location, was the great neutralizer to any kind of mischief that could be released by occult curses.”

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