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Clever Pup That Escaped Home Rings Doorbell To Get Back Inside


When a sweet golden retriever puppy realized he was outside of his puppy palace dwelling, he made a royally clever move.

Like many beloved puppies who are well-nurtured and loved, Marshall the 3-month-old golden probably believes the household revolves around him.

And why not? One look at that fluffy, friendly face and I’d drop everything to tend to his needs, too.

So when Marshall accidentally got locked out of his home in Spokane, Washington, his royal highness was probably a bit perplexed.

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Glancing to and fro, Marshall realized his royal staff was nowhere to be seen, so he took matters into his own paws.

Waltzing up to his own front door, Marshall peered directly into the home security camera and shoved his cute little snout right into the lens.

Then, he somehow managed to knock on the door, just as a human would do.

Has your pup ever done something clever to get back inside?

Greg Basel, Marshall’s owner, sent in video footage of the cute little “rap rap rap” sound of Marshall requesting to pretty please come back inside using the Nest doorbell.

While many families would be irked at the sound of someone unexpected at the door after dark, they were no doubt delighted to find Marshall waiting patiently on the doorstep.

Facebook viewers have melted over Marshall’s ingenuity, with many referring to him as a clever, adorable, sweet boy.

“I’d forever be okay with a doggo drop-in anyyyyytime!” wrote one enthusiastic viewer.

“Such a cute dog and smart,” wrote another. “He rang the doorbell!”

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Basel wrote on Facebook that Marshall was named after the television Paw Patrol character, which was chosen by one of his children.

Perhaps Marshall learned this behavior by observing one of his humans.

Dogs are clever animals, and Marshall knows that the very entrance where he can happily greet his family day after day has got to have something to do with getting inside, too.

If Marshall received positive reinforcement for his antics, it’s probable that he will eagerly want to please his humans again, with a little knock on the door each time he wishes to return home.

Good boy, Marshall! Have you ever had a pup make such an adorable request to come inside?

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