Climate Change Enthusiasts Silenced After Near-Historic Predictions Roll In for Thanksgiving


It is often advised to avoid hot topics, such as religion and politics, during the holidays. Now, climate change might be added to that list.

The Weather Channel has reported that Thanksgiving and Black Friday may see record cold temperatures across parts of the Northeast.

Yes, indeed, winter weather may actually be experienced in winter in the Northeast. The Weather Channel said that for some cities, the temperatures may be the coldest on record for Thanksgiving.

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Interestingly, the usual suspects are suspiciously silent with their climate change meltdown when it comes to extreme weather. Of course, the climate skeptics have been weighing in and making that point.

The cause for the cold blast is believed to be due to “a strong area of high pressure originating from the Arctic Circle” that is headed for the Northeast. It should be noted that the temps may be colder than usual for Thanksgiving in some areas, but not for the season.

Will you be in one of the areas expected to have record cold?

The temperatures expected are common during the winter months, but are usually seen around New Year’s Day. Some cities could even break their record high for Thanksgiving.

The coldest Thanksgiving in New York City on record was in 1871 with a high of 22 degrees, according to The Weather Channel. Boston could break its coldest Thanksgiving high of 24 degrees set in 1901.

USA Today wrote that in addition to an increase in cold temperatures in the Northeast, other parts of the country may see some interesting weather for Thanksgiving. Fire-hit areas of California may get rain and snow, although flooding can accompany the rains.

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Whiteout level snowfall may hit the Great Lakes area and some of the Northeast. Again, this is weather commonly seen in the winter.

U.S. News & World Report wrote that Thanksgiving and Black Friday aren’t the only events that may be hit by the predicted cold. The wind chill may subject Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade participants and those lining the route to single-digit temperatures.

“Frigid winds” and “icy air” are also predicted to hit the route, so anyone participating or attending may wish to prepare accordingly.

In an age where everything seems to get amped up to the extreme, it can be disheartening to see even weather being used to push political narratives. Winter gets cold, and there is always a new record coming around to break the old record.

Best advice is to prepare for winter weather, cold temps, travel delays and power outages, as you would during winter, storms or holiday travel. Even the usual climate change crowd isn’t calling this winter blast an alarm bell for global warming.

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