Climate Protesters Humiliated Moments After Gluing Themselves to Concert Hall Conductor's Stand - They Never Realized It Could Do This


Two climate change extremists in Germany made themselves laughingstocks when a disruptive protest didn’t go the way they planned.

The activists attempted to glue themselves to the conductor’s podium before a Wednesday classical music concert at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany, according to Deutsche Welle.

One of the activists lectured the crowd present for a Beethoven recital.

“Just as there is only one violin concerto by Beethoven, we have only this one planet whose boundaries we disregard so much that climate-related disasters are becoming more frequent and deadly,” the activist claimed, according to Deutsche Welle.

The activists’ plan to shut down the entire concert had a fatal flaw. The metal railing they were glued to wasn’t attached to the concert stage. Only the podium was.

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Their error made it easy for venue security to escort the cultural vandals out of the premises, all to the applause of the show’s audience.

A man who appeared to be the show’s conductor walked out on stage as the crowd celebrated the removal of the cultural vandals.

Security merely picked up the metal railing, using the object to easily take the extremists off-stage.

It was hilariously simple, and anticlimactic:

Should protesters who attempt to destroy art face harsher charges?

The two activists were eventually detached from the metal railing and placed into law enforcement custody, according to Deutsche Welle.

The activists bragged about their planned stunt in a video published on the Twitter feed of “Last Generation,” a German climate extremist group.

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Climate change extremists have targeted cultural expressions with similar disrespect, in some cases attempting to destroy historic works of art in museums in a bid to draw attention to their zealous beliefs.

Art vandals targeted a car painted by American artist Andy Warhol in Milan, as well as a painting by Charles Ray this month alone.

Art museums have been forced to buff their own security in the light of climate-motivated vandalism of priceless art, according to the New York Times.

It also just has to be noted that in most of these instances, the vandals/activists are never cheered or lauded. They’re typically met with, at best, apathy. At worst? They are chided or, in this particular instance, cheered only when they leave the stage.

It’s a bold strategy to try and convince someone to change their ways, let alone the radical and wholesale changes climate activists typically push for, by annoying them with petty vandalism.

Will it work?

Probably not.

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