Congressman: Americans Are Finally Fighting Back Against Rage-Obsessed Media


Since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, the left has been trying to devise plan after plan to get him out of the White House — or at least thwart his legislative efforts.

Between the Russia investigation, the coronavirus pandemic and most recently the Black Lives Matter riots, Americans have been bombarded for years with a far-left agenda from politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasi0-Cortez and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, aided by Hollywood celebrities and the establishment media.

But Arizona Congressman David Schweikert told The Western Journal on Tuesday that he believes Americans are finally getting their chance to fight back at the 2020 presidential election.

“You actually have a media structure that lives on rage right now — rage towards the president, rage towards conservatives,” he said, “and I think a lot of Americans are seeing their values, their belief systems, their history being attacked, being destroyed.”

The establishment media has been even more ruthless that it had been in the past three years since Trump was elected, jumping at any chance to paint conservatives as bigots.

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From inaccurate reporting of the Covington Catholic High School controversy to selective coverage of “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter protests of recent weeks, conservatives are more than aware that their values are ill-represented on television news and often attacked by left-wing media personalities.

But Schweikert believes that these Americans are “starting to finally fight back.”

“Ultimately, as Americans we battle it out in the polling place,” Schweikert told The Western Journal.

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“So, in a few months, we’ll have an election,” he added, “and I can only hope that the side that wins will respect the vote because we know for the last four years the left hasn’t respected the vote from 2016.”

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On Tuesday thousands of Trump supporters gathered in Phoenix, Arizona, for the president’s second rally since the pandemic hit the country. The value of a leader who is willing to gather with his people during such unrest was not lost on many who attended the event.

A young woman named Sarah with the Students for Trump organization told The Western Journal during the event that Trump coming to speak to young voters Tuesday spoke volumes.

“I think that the media has a good hold on everything right now so everyone’s veering to the left. So I think for Trump to come and to personally address students our age, it’s going to help us out a lot,” she said.

Lauren Baldwin, also with Students for Trump, added that standing behind the country in this specific point in our history is crucial.

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“I think with the election coming up and in light of coronavirus, I think it’s really important to stand behind the country, stand behind Donald Trump,” she said. “I really think he’s the best fit for bringing jobs back to our country.”

Other conservative voices agreed with these students.

Former police officer and conservative commentator Brandon Tatum said Americans are taking note of which presidential candidate is attending rallies.

“People want to hear from a leader, right? We don’t want a leader that’s sitting in a basement waiting for talking points,” he said, referring to Biden’s recent lack of appearances. “We want a man who’s not afraid to come out on stage and speak to the people and talk about values.”

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Republican Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona shared similar sentiments and added that rallying is one of Trump’s strengths.

“[Trump] has to get the spirit of America up,” Rep. Gosar told The Western Journal. “And that’s what he’s good at. He’s good at rallying. This is the fighter-in-chief.”

“The president has a unique skill-set of getting people ramped up and rallied,” he continued. “We have a little over 130 days left before we vote on Nov. 3, and so it’s important to feel that vibration, feel that new movement of getting back this country, making it great again and continuing to make it even greater.”

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