Cop Murdered on 11th Anniversary with Police Department


Those that wear blue have a risky job. It takes a special breed to become a police officer. These men and women put the lives of others before themselves on a daily basis.

El Paso County Deputy Micah Flick was no different. He had a passion for his job and a zeal for life. When his life came to an abrupt end, his family, friends and coworkers were devastated.

Flick was called to respond to a motor vehicle theft in progress. When he arrived on the scene, he approached the suspect, causing him to run.

After a pursuit involving several officers, shots rang out. In total, three officers were shot, but Flick was fatally wounded.

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Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey issued a press release after the incident.

“Tonight there is no distinction between our uniforms. State Patrol, sheriff’s office and the Colorado Springs Police Department, our hearts are all broken,” he said.

Flick’s death was just one of several that involved officers in the line of duty in the Denver area. They were viewed as senseless acts of violence.

Now a family had lost a father, a husband, and a friend. Flick left behind his wife, Rachael, and 7-year old twins, young children who will now grow up without the father they loved.

In a sad twist, Flick’s death came on his 11th anniversary of working for the sheriff’s office.

One woman, whose husband worked with Flick, described him as being a light and a hard worker. He didn’t just affect one part of the community, and many people were saddened to hear of the loss.

“He always has a smile on his face,” she said. “He has done so many things in this department in his 11 years. Today was his 11th anniversary.”

There was a long procession for Flick as so many members of the community came to pay their respects.

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“It’s heart wrenching every time something like this happens … And it’s important for me that my kids know that these are important people in the community,” said one father who was there with his children.

The family thanked the community for their support. They added, “We would also like to thank the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office for their tireless and heartfelt support and guidance as we navigate this chapter in our lives.”

They also stated that “We take comfort in knowing that Micah’s legacy will be his faith in God and his deep, rich character that will continue to shine in the hearts and lives of his wife, Rachael and their two children, whom he loved with his whole heart.”

Flick’s death was a time to remember all of the officers who risk their lives daily and those who lose their lives needlessly. We should forever be grateful for their service.

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