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Cop Responds to Call, Finds Cat Hanging from Garage Door. Owner Finally Returns During Rescue


Police officers are called to serve and protect. They often go above and beyond the call of duty to help those in need — and one officer did just that when a cat found itself in an unusual predicament.

Shortly after Christmas, Deputy Mike Scott of Louisiana’s Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call to assist an animal in danger.

Arriving on the scene, Deputy Scott witnessed a sight that is sure to stay with him for a long time to come.

“Never in all of my years was I prepared to encounter what I saw upon my arrival,” he said in a statement posted online. A cat was stuck atop a garage door, lodged between the door and the wall.

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Others, including neighbors and construction workers, were already on the scene and attempting to free the animal.

Luckily, thanks to his long experience, Scott knew just what to do to free the cat and return it to safety.

Working together, they began to remove the molding above the garage door. Once the molding was out of the way, the exposed space allowed the deputy and neighbors to safely extricate the cat.

It took several hours to free the poor little thing. During that time, the homeowner arrived home in shock at finding scores of people working to free the pet and exclaimed, “Oh my God, Bella!”

It turns out that, like most of the residents in the neighborhood, the home had taken on water during the August flood. The owner had gone out that morning to purchase supplies for repairs.

It is believed that beloved Bella was sleeping on top of the open — and then horizontal — garage door when the owner left for the store.

Closing the garage while leaving, the cat was, quite literally, in a bit of a bind.

After her rescue, Bella was carefully searched for injuries. Thankfully, Bella appears to have escaped her adventure unscathed, although it remains to be seen if she’ll ever again seek a nap in the garage.

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Scott, who retired from uniform patrol in 2011, returned to duty as a part-time deputy after only two years of retirement. His dedication to helping others — cats included — is an inspirational reminder that we can all create a more positive and joyful world, simply by lending a helping hand.

Reflecting on Bella’s misadventure, Scott is thankful he was able to help rescue the now-famous kitty. “After losing so much from the flood, I was happy that I could save the homeowner’s cat,” he says. “Thank God for miracles and good neighbors.”

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