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Couple Finds Bearded Dragon Inside Packaging with Walmart Delivery, Keeps Him as Pet


Meet Falkor, a bearded dragon who came as a surprise delivery to a couple in Hemet, California. The lizard is named after the 1984 flick “The Neverending Story,” because of his unique journey that will always be a little mysterious.

It all started when Al Brummett opened a box from Walmart that contained a bicycle for his granddaughter.

As Brummett pulled pieces out of the box to assemble the bicycle, he was startled to see a pair of lizard eyes staring up at him.

“At first, it was really horrifying, actually,” Brummett said. “It was scary, like, ‘What is this!’”

“[My wife] was not around when I opened the box,” Brummett added. “If she would have been present, she would have screamed crazily.”

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Brummett’s first order of business was to contact the Riverside County Department of Animal Services facility in San Jacinto, California.

The officers who responded identified the lizard as a bearded dragon, a species originally from Australia.

“Somehow that bearded dragon ended up in that box and who knows how long it had been in there,” said officer Carra Mathewson. “It’s a wacky tale for sure.”

Brummett and his wife, Chris, began to speculate how the lizard ended up in their delivery box. Officer Harvey Beck of the RCDAS, fed the lizard a quick snack of peaches, and said the bearded dragon appeared to be in good health.

According to CBSLA-TV, two weeks went by without anyone claiming ownership of the reptile. By that time, Falkor had worked his way into the Brummett’s hearts and home.

The Brummett’s took steps to adopt Falkor into their home, learning about ways to properly care for the reptile. “We’ve been doing a lot of research, and we built a habitat for him,” said Al.

Falkor’s diet of insects and worms has taken some getting used to, but now, the Brummett’s are pros. Chris Brummett is smitten with her new scaly pet, talking to him with adoration and affection in her voice.

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Falkor’s journey will always have some unanswered questions, but the Brummett’s are happy the little guy has found a safe space to call home. They look forward to the adventures that raising a bearded dragon will bring.

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