Cow on Way to Slaughter House Escapes. Finds Refuge on Island in Middle of Lake


Animals may be smarter than we think. You may find yourself switching to vegan living once you discover what our main source of meat might be thinking.

Though we may love a good steak, an event across the pond has sparked concern about what might really be going on in the brain of a cow.

The actions of one bovine will leave you wondering if throwing that steak on the grill is really humane.

Mr. Lukasz, a farmer in Poland, was ready to load up the cows to take them for slaughter. The truck was parked and ready to go. As the cows were led up the ramp and into the truck, one furry, four-legged friend was not ready to go.

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The cow refused to get on the truck. In an amazing turn of events, the feisty animal went running. It rammed a fence in an attempt for freedom.

The handlers were frantic and, in an attempt to get the cow back, one of the worker’s arms was broken. The cow wasted no time and made a dash for the nearby lake.

It was a heart-breaking scene; a cow desperate for freedom, unyielding in its attempts to escape what she might have known was coming.

As the cow neared the lake, it took the plunge. Once in the water, it began to swim to a deserted island for safety. But that would not be the end of this courageous cow’s story.

Workers tried for a week to get the cow back. As firefighters came on boat to the island, the cow became aggressive, protecting its new-found turf.

Lukasz, worried about the cow, began to bring over food so that the cow would not die of starvation. Though frightened, the cow still remained healthy.

A local veterinarian was called to try and tranquilize the cow so that it could be removed from the island.

In a strange twist, the veterinarian had run out of tranquilizers and it would take days to get more.

It looked as though someone above had been looking out for this tenacious cow. As Lukasz was trying to make the decision whether to shoot the cow, someone else stepped in.

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Politician Pawel Kukiz began posting on Facebook, ready to pay to save the cow’s fate. He believed that the cow deserved to live in peace.

“She escaped heroically and infiltrated the island in the middle of the lake, where it remains today,” said Kukiz. She had more than earned her solitude and happy ending.

Her freedom was given as a reward for her bravery. In the end, her actions were cause for, at least a little, head scratching. Perhaps at least this cow knew what her future would be if she did not escape.

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