Customer Tells Cop He Doesn't Like Police. So Cop Hops Behind Counter & Takes His Order


Police officers get a bad rap in today’s social climate. Instead of seeing them as regular people with a job to do, some people tend to look at them as the adversary.

Even when there’s no cause for alarm, some people get nervous around the police. There is a difference, though, between being a little uncomfortable around the boys in blue and outright disliking them.

They can be doing something as innocuous as ordering food at McDonald’s, but some citizens simply have disdain for the badge.

This was the case for one man in Kansas City, Missouri, who was waiting in line to order at the fast food restaurant. Officer Antoney Perez tried to strike up a conversation with the man, but he was having none of it.

Perez was off duty, but still wearing his uniform. “I went over and talked to him and said I was like, ‘hey man what’s going on?'” Perez told KCTV.

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It’s an innocent enough question, though if you’re not expecting it — or have some reason to feel guilty — it can be a little surprising. But this man wasn’t merely surprised. He did not want to have a conversation with the policeman.

“He was like, ‘I don’t talk to people like you.’ How are you doing today? He was like, ‘are you going to take my order or leave me alone?’” Perez recalled.

The disgruntled customer probably thought he was being pretty clever with his sarcastic remark, but he wasn’t counting on Officer Perez.

Perez decided to take the man up on his offer. He went behind the counter, took his position at the register, and asked the man what he wanted to eat.

And in a single move, the man was left with no alternative but to go back on both of his options: he wouldn’t be able to ignore the officer and he would have to talk to him.

Police are meant to serve and protect, but Perez took the “serving” part of his job to the next level. One of the other customers caught the interaction and took a picture of Perez behind the counter.

The photo went viral on social media, with many users praising the officer’s hilarious actions. He’s been on the force for 11 years, but this is probably the first time he’s been tasked with working at McDonald’s during his career.

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According to one of the McDonald’s employees, Sergio Insunza, Perez is a regular. Insunza is a big fan of the officer, and values the relationship they’ve developed.

“I love officer Perez,” he said. “He’s a cool person. We got a good relationship. It’s cool because having somebody we can rely on trust like that it’s amazing.”

Perez set out to prove that police officers are just regular people. Hopefully, this customer went home with a full belly and a new outlook on law enforcement.

At the very least, perhaps he’ll be a little more careful when issuing judgments that can be interpreted as challenges.

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