Cybersecurity Risk Found in Biden's Home May Not Be Allowed in White House


President-elect Joe Biden might have to leave his expensive Peloton exercise bike at his Delaware home after he moves into the White House after Wednesday.

The New York Times claimed the 78-year-old has a strict daily exercise schedule in a post-election exposé of his daily patterns. In addition to weight-lifting, the career politician was reported to have begun a daily training regimen by using a wifi-connected Peloton bike and also a treadmill.

In a story with three reporter bylines in it, The Times added, “He often enjoys a protein shake for breakfast and puts on a suit or blazer much of the time. In the evenings, he and his wife, Jill, sit down together for dinner, a ritual that was absent for much of the last frenzied year on the campaign trail.”

The next line in the story added, “In the intervening hours, Mr. Biden attempts to win the presidency without leaving his house.”

Many Americans fear Biden might himself be a security risk over his family’s reported business deals in foreign countries. But according to one professor, the Secret Service is concerned about the exercise bike.

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Max Kilger, with the University of Texas at San Antonio, told Popular Mechanics that Peloton bikes, which contain built-in microphones and cameras, might be a no-go for the new Oval Office occupant. This could force Biden to revert to using CornPop Jackson-era workout equipment.

No internet, no camera, no mic. The former vice president would only need the will to break a sweat.

“Because you’re connected to the Internet, even though there are firewalls and intrusion detection software… those things can be gotten around if you’re really good and skilled,” Kilger said.

Kilger added the Secret Service could always remove the microphone and camera, but didn’t comment further. White House security has not commented on the matter.

Do you think an exercise bike is the only potential risk the Secret Service might be facing?

Peloton bikes, like other modern pieces of technology, certainly do seem to carry some risks. Could the country be in store for more photo op White House runs?

This story surely is an odd one for the media to have us talking about, given the country’s current political climate.

This is likely the kind of coverage we can expect from the mainstream media going forward. Obama administration term three is about to kick off. Reporters, Democrats and professors never made a fuss about President Donald Trump’s exercise habits, unless of course, it was to call him unhealthy.

Prior to his inauguration in 2017, Trump was already battling the false narrative that he had colluded with the ghosts of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin to rig an election. Those exact details might not be accurate, but what’s the difference? The narrative was fake news.

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Biden, meanwhile, is enjoying the luxury of having reporters go on about his exercise habits and his silly $1,900 exercise bike. Will he, or will he not, remain a hamster on a wheel in the White House the way he reportedly did while hunkered down in his home? Stay tuned.

This is an opportunity to praise the Secret Service for its vigilance, though.

White House security leaves no detail unscrutinized in its quest to protect the country’s leaders and their privacy. Let’s hope they intercede and force Biden to keep the TikTok app off of his phone.

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