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Dad Creates Hilarious 'Ultimate Diaper Changing Station' from Tool Cart

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Dads have a bit of a reputation with kids. In many cases, moms are the ones who protect, nurture, and hold down the fort, and dads are a little more light-hearted around their young ones.

That’s why there’s a series of videos and photos posted primarily by moms who have been amused by the shenanigans their husbands get into when left with the babies. Balancing bottles on heads and scribbling eyebrows on their children aren’t dangerous shenanigans, though.

Dads are also often the ones tossing their kiddos into the air, wrestling, playing catch and doing all sorts of rough-and-tumble activities, so when they propose an idea that isn’t quite the norm, they can get some resistance.

There is a popular video out there about a dad who’s repurposed a toolkit into a handy lunchbox for his son while mom just laughs hysterically in the background. This dad was thinking along the same lines.

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David Pike shared his story on Love What Matters. He and his wife already had kids, but they were going to add two new bundles of joy to the family and had to start gathering all the necessary child-rearing supplies.

Some of the items on the list seemed new to Pike, and he insisted they hadn’t needed them before — but his wife was just as insistent. One of those items was a diaper-changing table. Being a mechanic, he found something that caught his fancy.

“After testing the waters with a picture of one I found online and getting shot down before I could get the words out,” he wrote, “I knew I needed to tread softly and go with another tactic; delay. The longer I waited to pick something out the more likely she would be more like, ‘Whatever, just find something and find something now.’”

“Well guess whose evil planned worked plus it didn’t hurt having everyone online giving their opinion on the post I created lol. So, my process on projects is to think outside the box which typically means wandering up and down the aisles at Lowes and Home Depot looking for something to make work.”

So he broke down the concept of a changing table and analyzed what its basic components and requirements were. He wanted something that would be useful and valuable beyond the diaper-changing stage, but still safe and functional for his babies.

A Husky tool cart turned out to be just the thing. Their changing pad fits perfectly. He baby-proofed it by adding foam insulation to the edges. All the drawers held clothes, an add-on tray created a perfect platform for supplies and wire baskets held diapers.

“Feast your eyes on the Ultimate Diaper Changing Station for under $200,” he posted on Facebook. “I added foam pipe insulation to the edges for protection/safety and some metal baskets underneath for the essentials.”

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“Throw in a @harborfreighttools LED light for those late night changes and a side shelf for easy reaching of those much needed wipes and you have yourself the most practical and functional changing station on the planet! Plus when all is done it makes its way to the garage for repurposing.”

The post went viral. It was a brilliant design — and after using it, he wrote that his wife “gets it.” He’s happy he’ll have a use for it after the babies are grown, and he encourages other people to think outside of the box as well.

“So never be confined to what you have to buy or what’s on the market … think outside the box and experiment,” he wrote. “You just never know what you will create and what (sic) affect it will have.”

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