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Dad Hilariously Interrogates Daughter's Date Using Doorbell Camera Intercom


Leave it to a brother to post humorous content about his sister’s first date on the internet, because after all, that is what being a sibling is all about.

Pedro Lugo, from Massachusetts, posted a video of the hilarious moment that his sister’s date was interrogated by their father using doorbell camera technology.

“Dad interrogation mode activated,” Pedro wrote on social media.

“Here’s the video of my sisters date picking her up and my dad answering the doorbell and just watch them ‘meet’ each other for the first time.”

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The young man, identified by WLS-TV as Jared Downey, rang the doorbell and was greeted by the voice of a father ready for a full interrogation about Jared’s plans for an evening out with his daughter, Grace.

Grace’s father, also named Pedro Lugo, explained that he was at work, so the video introduction was going to have to make do.

“Sorry I can’t meet you in person because I am at work. At least I can see your face but you don’t get to see mine,” Lugo told Jared with a laugh that was part funny, part terrifying.

Jared politely explained that he was going to take Grace out for dinner and then to see a movie, Toy Story 4.

The young man promised that he would have Grace home by 11 p.m., to which her father responded, “Oh, I heard 10:30. OK, that’s good.”

When Grace joined Jared on the doorstep, she realized that her father was interrogating him.

Grace was playfully annoyed and embarrassed by her father’s persistent, prying questions, much to the delight of her brother Pedro and, probably, Lugo himself.

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“Remember, I know people everywhere and they’re looking at what you guys are doing,” Lugo said as the couple tried to leave.

He asked Grace to take a picture of Jared’s car’s license plate, which Grace clearly was not about to do.

“Just make sure you treat her correctly because that is my first daughter,” Grace’s father said.

And really, a license plate photo was not necessary, because Lugo had all the imagery of Jared’s face that he needed.

“I got a good picture of you. Don’t make me look for you because I will,” he said, making it all sound a bit like a scene from “The Godfather.”

Grace tried to push the curfew time back to 11 p.m., but her father was not having it. At last, Grace’s embarrassment came to an end as the young couple escaped from the entryway.

The initial date must have been a success because Grace soon posted a photo of another date with Jared — this time, enjoying a Red Sox baseball game.

When someone asked Grace if Jared had her home by 10:30 p.m., she responded by saying that yes, actually, he had her home at 10:18 p.m.

Thanks to her vigilant father and hawkeyed brother, it looks like Grace has a terrific family who has her best interests at heart and doesn’t mind a little friendly ribbing.

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