Dark Underbelly of Big Tech Exposed by Conservative News Publisher


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Floyd Brown, the publisher of The Western Journal, takes on Silicon Valley in his new book “Big Tech Tyrants,” due out Sept. 3.

The political veteran spoke about the book, which he co-authored with Todd Cefaratti, on “America’s Voice Live” on Aug. 13.

“This a topic I’m very passionate about,” Brown told hosts Dave Sussman and Amanda Head.

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“Social media is now over ten years old, and they’re like terrible adolescents,” he said.

“And once they got control, they became dictatorial and are trying to control what people see and hear. They are no longer the free marketplace of ideas that they were when they started.”

Head raised the topic of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign Twitter page being temporarily locked earlier this month and questioned how Big Tech companies can claim to be unbiased against conservatives.

“It used to be that they would say things like, ‘We’re going to block conspiracy theorists’ or ‘we’re going to block people who are on the fringes.’ People who don’t belong in mainstream speech,’” Brown replied.

Do you believe Big Tech companies have an anti-conservative bias? 

“It is pretty hard to say the leader of the United States Senate is somebody that’s not in the mainstream of speech.”

The author argued that tech companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google operate out of a “hardcore left enclave” in California.

“This whole notion Silicon Valley has, that they can control the outcome by controlling the speech, not only is it wrong, it’s deeply, deeply anti-American,” he said.

Brown further pointed out that platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google have in effect become publishers with a clear anti-conservative point of view in how content is presented.

They are “picking and choosing ideas” that get promoted, demoted or even excluded entirely from their platforms, he said.

“Clearly, big tech is publishing and they should be regulated like publishers,” Brown said. “These big tech companies have carved out a niche for themselves where they can’t be sued and that’s wrong.”

Big Tech Tyrants Book

Big Tech Tyrants” co-author Cefaratti told “America’s Voice Live” on Thursday, there is a “coordinated effort” by Silicon Valley to diminish conservative voices.

“We are (for) the free market,” he said. “We are not whining and complaining.”

Conservatives just want a fair playing field.

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